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Our frequent flyer programme has four rewarding membership tiers, starting with Blue and progressing through Silver and Gold to Platinum.

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Once you are a member, there are two easy ways to move up a tier. You can either:

  • collect the required amount of Tier Miles by flying with Emirates; or
  • complete the number of Emirates flights needed to reach the next level.

Each new tier brings you inviting benefits that increase in value, such as dedicated check-in, priority boarding and lounge access. Once you have been promoted to a new tier, you enjoy your membership privileges for 14 months, even if you don’t earn enough Miles or take enough flights to retain the tier status in your annual review.

Emirates Skywards Blue

Emirates Skywards Blue

Member-only services and special attention to preferences ensure a very warm welcome to the first tier of membership.


  • Complimentary e-gate exit and entry in Dubai*
  • Instant upgrades with Miles available at check-in
  • Personal preferences are remembered
  • Personal travel coordinator can be nominated
  • Waitlist priority
  • Welcome bonus Miles
Emirates Skywards Silver

Emirates Skywards Silver

Join our Silver members when you collect 25,000 Tier Miles or take 25 flights**, and access a new range of advantages and courtesy services.

All the benefits of Blue, plus:

  • Access to all Emirates Business Class Lounges in Dubai
  • 25% bonus Skywards Miles when you fly with Emirates
  • Instant upgrades with Miles available on board the aircraft
  • Guaranteed excess baggage allowances***
  • Priority check-in
  • Priority boarding
Emirates Skywards Gold

Emirates Skywards Gold

50,000 Tier Miles or 50 flights** opens the door to the special benefits and premium services of Gold membership.

All the benefits of Blue and Silver, plus:

  • Lounge access throughout the Emirates network
  • 50% bonus Skywards Miles when you fly with Emirates
  • A guaranteed seat, even on fully booked flights****
  • Lounge access for guests†
Emirates Skywards Platinum

Emirates Skywards Platinum

Platinum privileges are exclusively reserved for our most frequent flyers with 150,000 Tier Miles or more, and are carefully designed to make every moment of your journey extraordinary.

All the benefits of Blue, Silver and Gold, plus:

  • First Class check-in and baggage delivery
  • Access with guests to the Emirates First Class Lounge in Dubai and worldwide lounges
  • 75% bonus Skywards Miles when you fly with Emirates
  • Gold ‘Partner’ Card for a spouse or partner
  • A guaranteed seat, even on fully booked flights****
  • ‘Last Seat’ Classic Flex Plus reward***** tickets even on high-demand flights


* E-gate access: conditions apply.

** A qualifying flight is a flight on Emirates, or a codeshare flight marketed by Emirates but operated by another airline, between the point of origin and point of destination of an outward or return journey.

*** Guaranteed excess baggage allowances for Silver, Gold and Platinum may vary in accordance with some international airport baggage regulations.

**** Seat guarantee: conditions apply. We will guarantee an Economy Class seat on your chosen flight. For Platinum members, we will also do our best to confirm a seat in Business Class. However, during major holidays and special events this may not be possible on some flights.

***** Available via Emirates Contact Centres.

† Lounge access for guests: conditions apply. Passengers flying on Emirates Staff tickets are not eligible to access the lounge as a guest.

Frequently Asked Questions

Membership Tiers

There are 3 FAQs for Membership Tiers.
  • Question

    How are my Tier Miles calculated?


    Tier Miles are calculated at the same rate as Skywards Miles taking into account the fare you have paid, the route and the class of travel.Read More

  • Question

    How do I keep my Silver, Gold or Platinum status?


    Once you have reached a new tier you have a fixed 12-month period in which to earn the Tier Miles you need to keep your status.Read More

  • Question

    Can I transfer or buy Tier Miles?


    Tier Miles cannot be transferred or bought.Read More