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Travel to Stockholm


Story Hotel, Stockholm

20 August 2015

Words and Images: Geoff Brokate

Filled with chic designs, contemporary art and a Parisian-influenced bar that has become the mainstay for the stylish locals, Story Hotel is a unique Swedish gem that offers a wide scope of experiences – from sophisticated business travel to urban hipster nightlife.

Guests are responsible for their own check-in, which creates a feeling of independence and freedom. You simply type your name into a computer upon arrival and receive your room number and code. Aside from the bar there is a courtyard decorated with commissioned graffiti and an underground restaurant area that remains candle-lit, even during the expansive breakfast buffet.

Former artists’ studios, the rooms are inspired by the industrial New York loft style, with exposed pipes along the ceiling and minimalist design. The art displayed throughout is integral to the sensibility of the hotel and is also offered for sale through a dedicated website.




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