Unusual baggage and special allowances

At Emirates, it is our goal to provide each and every passenger with unparalleled convenience and comfort.

To achieve this level of service, we recognise that not all passengers are alike - many have unique needs that require additional consideration. One way we try to accommodate these travellers is to provide extra baggage allowances for those whose circumstances require it.

Generally, the amount of baggage you can check is based on weight or number of bags. If you go over this baggage allowance, you usually have to pay an excess baggage charge. Baggage allowance may vary depending on your route, class of travel and your Emirates Skywards membership tier. To review your complimentary baggage allowance, please check your ticket or visit Manage Your Booking.

In certain cases, however, extra baggage may be checked without any additional excess baggage charges. See below for further information. If you are unsure, get in touch with us before making your flight booking.

Passengers with disabilities

Passengers with disabilities are entitled to extra baggage allowances, free of charge, as follows:

  • Passengers travelling with their own wheelchair may check a fully collapsible wheelchair.
  • Passengers who require braces or crutches may check these items.
  • Passengers dependent on a portable dialysis machine are entitled to check one machine and all its associated equipment.
  • Vision- and hearing-impaired passengers who rely on assistance dogs may bring these as well, but they must be loaded into the kennels in the aircraft’s hold and are not permitted in the cabin.
  • Passengers with sleep disorders are permitted to carry one sleep apnea device, either CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) or PAP (Positive Airway Pressure) as checked baggage subject to IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations. For information on the use of these devices in flight, please see our information on health and special needs.

Personal motorised vehicles are not allowed on board

For safety reasons, we can’t accept personal motorised vehicles such as hoverboards, mini-Segways and smart or self-balancing wheels on our flights. We can’t carry them either as checked-in baggage or as hand luggage as they contain large lithium batteries. This regulation still applies even if you’re connecting to our flights from an airline that has accepted them.

Passengers travelling with infants

Passengers travelling with infants (under two years of age) on any route not including North, Central or South America may check in up to 10kilograms (22pounds) of baggage for the infant. This baggage allowance will be shown on the infant’s ticket.

Passengers travelling with infants (under two years of age) on any route that includes North, Central or South America, may check one piece of baggage for the infant, regardless of cabin class. This baggage allowance will be shown on the infant’s ticket. This piece must be 23kilograms (50pounds) or less, with total dimensions (length + width + height) not exceeding 115centimeter (45 inches).

You may also bring one carry-cot or one fully collapsible stroller as a carry-on item if cabin space is available or as checked baggage at no extra charge.

See how Emirates makes travelling with infants safer, easier and more comfortable.

Sports equipment

Sports equipment is subject to normal excess baggage charges if it exceeds your baggage allowance. Some items, such as ski equipment, may be subject to additional charges.

If you intend to take a bicycle as checked luggage, please contact us at least 24 hours in advance. Special packaging rules may apply.

For more details about transporting SCUBA diving equipment, golf clubs, sporting weapons, firearms and ammunition, please read our FAQ on sports equipment.


Pets are not permitted in the cabin, with the exception of falcons between Dubai and certain destinations in Pakistan. Depending on the individual circumstances, pets must be carried either as cargo, or as checked baggage in the hold. The charge for the animal(s) and container will depend on the weight and size of the animal plus cage combined. These charges will apply in all cases, even when no other checked baggage is being carried.

Please take note of the following weight and size restrictions for animals travelling as checked baggage:

Animal excess baggage charges
Animal and cage Price
When the animal and cage combined do not exceed 23kilograms and 59 inches(150centimeters) USD 500
When the animal and cage combined weigh between 24 and 32kilograms and dimensions between 59 inches(150centimeters) and 118 inches(300centimeters) USD 650
When the animal and cage combined weigh over 32kilograms and dimensions between 59 inches(150centimeters) and 118 inches(300centimeters) USD 800
When the cage dimensions exceed dimensions 118 inces(300centimeters) Cargo

Please contact Emirates well before your flight to confirm any required procedures (such as permits, tests, vaccinations, etc) to allow your pet to travel – you must complete these before Emirates can make final arrangements for your pet. Note that this process can take a long time, especially in complex cases. Once complete, please allow one week to submit your paperwork to Emirates ahead of your flight.

Musical instruments

Emirates is unable to provide a special free baggage allowance for the carriage of musical instruments. Musical instruments must be handled as normal checked or cabin baggage (subject to cabin baggage limitations) or be transported on a paid-for seat in the passenger cabin.

If you check your instrument, it will be subject to normal excess baggage charges if it exceeds your baggage allowance.

Please note that certain conditions and limitations may apply when transporting musical instruments. To review these conditions or if you have any questions regarding musical instrument transport, please get in touch with us.

Ship models

When departing from Mauritius, a special charge applies for the transportation of ship models, and can't be included as part of your standard baggage allowance. 

For the first 10kilograms, a charge of EUR 150 applies, and for the next 10kilograms a charge of EUR 50 applies. 

The maximum weight of the ship model is 20kilograms.

Items containing explosives are not allowed on board

All fireworks and any other items containing explosives, for example Christmas crackers, firecrackers, bottle rockets, poppers and sparklers are forbidden to be carried either as carry-on baggage or as checked baggage on our flights.

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