Manage your booking

Enter your booking details to view and change your itinerary, add your contact details and book extra services.

Retrieve booking

Please make sure the last name you enter matches the one in your ticket, and use English alphabet characters only.

You'll find your booking reference on your ticket. It's the six-character code made up of letters and numbers that appears under your name.

Tailor your Emirates experience

You can make changes and add extras to your flight booking using our simple booking management tool:

  • Check your itinerary: view, print or email your flight itinerary. Check your flight details and make changes to your booking.
  • Manage your booking: book your dietary requirements, upgrade your flight or add a hotel or car rental to your booking. When you fly with Emirates, you can edit and manage all your travel needs online with just a few clicks. Our management tool is easy and secure - just have your booking reference and your last name ready to get started.
  • Reserve a seat: choose where you want to sit on the plane. Simply log in with your booking reference and last name, then look at our flight seat map and make your selection. Choosing your seat on the flight also means your family or friends can sit together when you’re flying in a large group. Change your seat at any time up until check-in.
  • Update your email address and contact number: so we can get in touch with you on your flights’ status, any disruptions, or opportunities for upgrades.
  • Check-in online: our check-in times leave plenty of time to relax. Online check-in opens 48 hours before your flight, or check-in at the airport three hours before your flight. You can also use mobile check-in and download your boarding pass on your phone to make your journey faster.
  • Buy extra baggage allowance online: find out your allowance for checked-in and carry-on luggage under the personal preferences tab. If you need extra baggage allowance, you can pay for it online and save up to 50% compared to airport rates. If you’re taking more with you, such as sports equipment or tools, please review our baggage section.
  • Log in to Emirates Skywards: manage every aspect of your frequent flyer account online. Add your membership number to your booking and earn Skywards Miles on your flight, or use your Miles to upgrade. Check your Miles balance, see when your Miles will expire, and find out how many Tier Miles you need to reach the next membership level. Not a member? Sign up online for free.