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The Emirates Service

Your comfort comes first when you fly with Emirates. Our focus on service excellence, innovation and safety – coupled with extensive training programmes comprising of e-learning, classroom and project-based training – means you can expect superior service both in the air and on the ground

[Cabin Crew Members Talking]

Emirates cabin crew are an amazing group of people.

They come from over 5 nationalities, speak over 60 languages, they come from all walks of life.

They have incredibly rich backgrounds. We have people who are MBAs, doctors, lawyers, paramedics, people from the hospitality industry, people who've flown for other airlines before they come and join us.

Year-on-year we have over 120,000 applications to become Emirates cabin crew and so that makes our applicants who do come and join us the top 5%. So they're a pretty special group of people.

Our ab initio program lasts for six months, it's for the probationary period. Now not all of that is here in training. The majority of that is when they're flying.

They spend eight weeks with us when they first join, one week is induction because of course our crew come from all over the world and they're all moving here to Dubai for the first time.

So I have an induction team who help them to settle in to Dubai, and then they start their training proper where they of course go through all of the elements that make up the role of cabin crew: safety and emergency procedures, security training, medical training, image and uniform training and of course our service training.

We have the opportunity to have the most state-of-the-art equipment here.

We have simulators for our safety and emergency procedures that are multi-million dollar simulators.

They operate on three axises, that means that we're able to give the cabin crew a realistic impression and feeling of what a whole range of incidents would be like.

I know that they're not going to have to deal with most of those in their careers, but of course we want them to be not only competent of course, but we want them to be confident in what they're doing.

We also have a real firefighter trainer, a separate venue for that so our cabin crew get to fight real fires.

We have separate classrooms for image and uniform training.

We also have separate classrooms for our service training, we have flight kitchens where they get to practice plating skills.

We've borrowed a lot from the hospitality industry. Our service training is done - in again, service simulators.

It means that not only are they learning the knowledge obviously, and the skill of being cabin crew, but they get to put that into practice in as close to a real situation as possible.

So that means that certainly for our ab initios when they leave us here in training, our customers aren't getting a trainee up in the air, they're getting someone who is really competent and ready to be out there flying.

With the volume that we have and the challenge of meeting that volume we're looking at lots of different ways that we can deal with that.

Of course, we want to make sure that we maintain the high quality and our standards, that will never ever be compromised, but how do we make sure that we're as efficient and effective as we possibly can be.

So I have a fabulous training team and my training managers are innovative and creative and come up with lots of different ways of making sure that we are able to deliver our really high-end product, as I've said without compromising any of our quality or standards but to do it really efficiently.

The future plans we have for cabin crew training are really to start to leverage technology.

So we're looking at using all the different platforms, we're looking at gamification, we're looking at virtual, we're looking at how do we put all of that together so that we have a blended approach across all the different ways that we can provide learning.

I say it quite confidently that anybody who comes to join Emirates's cabin crew; you are going to have the world's best cabin crew training.

[Emirates plane in sky] [Hello Tomorrow Emirates]


Setting the standard

Providing ‘the world’s best in-flight experience’

At Emirates, we’re committed to providing you with an unparalleled journey through our highly trained, professional cabin crew. New recruits undergo an intense seven and a half weeks of training in the highest standards of safety and service delivery in our state-of-the-art facility in Dubai.

The training covers both theoretical and practical aspects, with the latter taking place in full motion simulators of all of the aircrafts in our fleet.

And our ongoing training for all cabin crew members ensures you always receive unrivalled care on board.

Adding colour to the air

Sharing a love of adventure

A cosmopolitan mix of young professionals from over 130 nationalities, our cabin crew speak over 60 languages and bring their diverse and colourful backgrounds to the skies – many were doctors, lawyers, artists or sports people in their previous lives.

The team welcoming you on board share your love of travel and are always ready to enrich your inflight experience. As the face of our brand, they tirelessly exceed your expectations on 420 flights daily across more than 160 destinations.

Our team on the ground

A friendly greeting – wherever you are

The Emirates team is spread over six continents, with over 2,000 staff in over 120 call centres and retail outlets outside of Dubai. Our contact centre staff support 17 languages and we help people getting in touch with us on over 50 country-specific telephone numbers and Live Chat. Globally, our contact centres help over 4,000 people every hour during the busiest times of the day.

At the airport, you can expect a smooth check-in experience guided by our friendly airport staff. Emirates Skywards members or those travelling in First Class or Business Class can enjoy attentive service in our airport lounges. From a friendly greeting when you contact our call centres to a flawlessly served beverage before your meal, we work hard to make sure your Emirates journey inspires you.

Our pilots reach new heights

Flying nearly 300 aircraft to over 160 destinations

We only hire experienced pilots, and we employ over 400 experts who conduct initial training to ensure they meet the exact standards demanded by both Emirates and aviation regulators.

Ground school includes computer-based training, e-learning and aircraft technical classroom sessions. Emirates pilots also complete full flight simulator training for the specific aircraft they’re going to fly, so they’re fully prepared. The last stage is line flying under the supervision of an experienced trainer. The course takes around three months to complete, and we conduct recurring training for more than 4,000 pilots — it’s a regulatory requirement for each pilot every six months.

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