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Choose from hundreds of incredible activities and hotels, enjoy exclusive benefits, and create your own unique itinerary. Find out how you can explore Dubai your way, and get started by adding an Experience, hotel, or flight booking.
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Explore a whole new world

Create your own unique Dubai itinerary

Only you know how you truly wish to explore a city. With Dubai Experience, you can create a unique and customised itinerary, packed with the Experiences and activities which excite and inspire you the most. From beach breaks, family theme park outings, desert discoveries and outdoor adventures, to luxury spa days, first-class dining, and cultural immersion - how you fill your itinerary is up to you. Choose from 100s of activities, restaurants, hotels, and tours, both guided and self-guided, and get ready to experience Dubai your way.

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The convenient way to book

Book and plan your trip on an interactive itinerary planner

It’s never been easier to book, plan, and manage your whole trip. Add experiences, activities, hotels, and restaurants to your itinerary, add or book your flights to Dubai, and make changes at any time. You can also learn more about Dubai’s free attractions and explore all the options on offer to you before you book. Browse recommended restaurants, discover details at your fingertips, filter your search to find the perfect activities, and transform your itinerary into the holiday of your dreams.

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Discover authenticity

Explore iconic landmarks and unique hidden gems

Dubai and the UAE are famous for their renowned landmarks. From the tallest building in the world, The Burj Khalifa, to the record-breaking zipline in Ras Al Khaimah, you’ll find the region’s most remarkable sights showcased in photography and postcards around the world. Alongside the region’s modern creations, you’ll discover an awe-inspiring selection of historic and secret gems, all offering a unique and special perspective on a beautiful country, its culture, past, present, and future.


Create the perfect itinerary

Explore and choose an Experience to get started. You can add more later, and customise each experience, with access to 100s of activities, restaurants, and hotels.
You'll find your booking reference on your ticket. It's the six-character code containing letters and numbers that appears under your name.