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Flights to Ghana

Flights to Ghana uncover an eclectic mix of old and new. Today’s Ghana is a true testament to the effort put into building a democracy that has brought unrivalled development and an energy that is a joy to witness. While the coastal forts provide moments of reflection on the country’s troubled past, it’s the future that is firmly in the sights of Ghanaians as they enthusiastically go about their business.

Cape Coast Castle is one of the best examples of the country’s colonial history. Built in the 17th century by the Dutch, the British eventually took over and used it as their headquarters until a move to Accra. The castle now serves as a museum.

The capital Accra still retains remnants of its time serving as the capital of the British Gold Coast, indeed English is the official language of Ghana. But modernisation has brought five-star hotels, museums and nightlife venues, making it the tourist hub of the region. Football is the most popular of sports in the city; during your stay, try and get tickets to cheer on Accra Hearts of Oak at the Accra Sports Stadium. For shopping, head for the lively market in Kumasi, where all manner of goods can be purchased from the never-ending market stalls.

Ghana is an amazing destination for nature lovers too. The largely untouched east of the country is resplendent with lush farmland and beautiful mountains, while the county’s best beach is in Akwidaa with its flawless white sands and vibrant blue waters. Mole National Park is the place to go for one the cheapest safari experience in the whole of Africa. And while exploring the north of Ghana, the town of Tamale is intriguing with its mosques, unique cuisine and passion for cultural performances.

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Wandering around Accra’s exotic out-and-about spots is a sure-fire way to ignite your wanderlust.

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