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Eid al-Fitr

Eid mubarak

Meaning ‘festival of breaking the fast’, Eid Al‑Fitr marks the end of the holy month of Ramadan. Wish everyone ‘Eid mubarak’ or a ‘blessed celebration’ and join in on the fun.

Although each region has a unique Eid tradition, three things are common everywhere it is celebrated: spending the holiday with family, enjoying delicious meals together and exchanging gifts and sweets.

Celebrate with us and enjoy seasonal delicacies and special treats on selected flights and lounges.

Join the festivities at our lounges

You're in for a treat this Eid al-Fitr. If you're flying out of Dubai International airport on the first day of Eid al-Fitr, have your pick of traditional specialties, including lamb ouzi and Arabic mixed grill. You’ll also have a selection of sweets and pastries from um ali served with pistachio ice cream to Emirati luqaimat.

In Singapore, you can savour seasonal favourites like the Gulf style lamb biryani and mixed vegetable salona. While you can look forward to traditional biscuits and a delicious smoked herring in Cairo.

Have a festive feast on board

On board, between 10 and 13 April you can enjoy Arabic coffee and a selection of Emirati pastries with saffron and cardamom cake and pistachio cake at our A380 Onboard Lounge. Tuck into flavourful fish matfy or chicken mashwi el jeder with pistachio hibiscus namoura or vanilla rose mousse cake for a sweet finish in First Class, Business Class and Premium Economy.

In Economy Class, cap off your meal of chicken biryani or Daoud basha with a halwa brownie or chocolate mousse. You’ll also receive a delightful pumpkin aseeda cake to take with you on your journey in all classes.

Set the mood for the celebration

Get in the mood for the festivities with up to 6,500 channels, including 50 channels of Arabic TV series, featuring Chef Bel Beit, Lo’bat Al Hayah and series from Shahid, from Batn El Hout and Seeb Wa Ana Seeb to El Gharaeeb. Or listen to 15 channels of Arabic podcasts and audiobooks, as well as the Holy Qu’ran and over 500 channels of Arabic music, from pop and classics to Khaleeji Maghrebi and Arabic fusion.

Choose from over 100 Arabic films, including Amakor, El Saf El Akheer and Al Masafa Sefr new this month. Popular Hollywood movies are also available with Arabic subtitles, including new releases Napoleon, Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, Wish, Ferrari and the Killers of the Flower Moon.

See what’s on

Celebrate Eid Al-Fitr in Dubai

Enjoy an Eid escape in Dubai.

Visit famous attractions, from the world's tallest building and the biggest mall, to heritage sites that showcase the culture and traditions of our home city. There's also a wide selection of cuisines from around the world for you to enjoy.

And during the Eid weekend, go ahead and explore every corner of the emirate - you’re sure to find exciting sights and activities wherever you go.

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Give the greatest gift this Eid

Share in the joy and spirit of Eid al-Fitr this year. Donate to the Emirates Airline Foundation and learn more about how we’re improving children’s lives around the world.

*Products and services may vary on actual flights depending on routes, aircraft configuration and seasonality. Operational requirements may also cause last-minute changes to the aircraft used on scheduled flights.