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Home Bakery, Dubai

17 September 2015

There’s a rumour that, here, you’ll find the best cookies in Dubai. You’ll also find Emirati, Hind Almulla, who’s turned her passion into a thriving business.

Dubai is a city that moves in trends. Everyone’s having coffee at this new place in Downtown, or heading for Sunday lunch at that hotel in the marina, there seems no middle ground, you’re either the place to be or out in the cold. There is, however, the odd exception.

While its founder, Hind Almulla, studied art and animation at university, baking was a way of tapping into the creativity of using her hands, while combing her passion for fine foods.

“It all started from my passion for chocolates and sweets,” she says. “I was raised this way; we were trained to eat good food and to try new things ever since we were kids.

“My Dad would come home from work and before going to sleep we each would receive a piece of Godiva chocolate, so you see we didn't grow up as normal kids, we didn't have the regular chocolates that other kids were eating.”

Almulla’s journey to café owner came in 2011 when she started baking for family and friends at a time when the cupcake craze had taken the world by storm.

“Everyone was mad about cupcakes. I honestly couldn't enjoy them, as they were too sweet and sugary for my taste buds, so one of my friends suggested I start making my desserts as a business. One day I started with macaroons and biscotti. It was different, not too sweet but just good enough to work. I had my first few orders and the menu expanded with time. We’ve kept growing ever since,” she explains.

As well as its signature Chewy Melt and the locally inspired Pistachio Rahash Cake, the bakery has created a revolving a la carte dessert menu, in order to introduce diners to new food experiences. Desserts on offer include cookies, cronuts, pies and loafs, and the menu also incorporates savoury breakfasts.

“We don't specifically serve emirate sweets but we do create fusions of them and serve them during Ramadan but some items have made it to our summer and winter menu because of their popularity,” she says.

Almulla says that raising children while running a home business and now bustling café bakery has been tough but the rewards have been immeasurable.

“It wasn't easy; my kids hated it; they used to wait till 6pm until I was done taking orders and had turned the phone off and cleaned up. But now they’re proud of me because they saw what I went through, working at home to turn it into a proper business. Now they both want to be chefs when they’re older.”

And the cookies?

“They’re certainly our best sellers,” smiles Almulla. “They’re not your typical chocolate cookies, they’re a little different but it’s an acquired taste. I personally like the larger chewy melts to the mini ones, as you have more to bite into. You can bite the crispy outer layer and then the centre is so moist, soft and just right.

“The best in Dubai? I'm not sure… you should try them and let me know.”