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Crillon Le Brave, Provence

17 September 2015

Words: Robert Chilton / Images: Crillon Le Brave

The bell in the old church lazily clangs to let you know another hour has slipped past in this beautifully tranquil corner of southern France.

Nowhere is this better demonstrated than at breakfast on the terrace at Crillon Le Brave – a mini village of eight beautiful old houses that has been turned into a boutique hotel in Provence, just 40kms north east of Avignon.

Homemade pastries and jams, small Kilner jars of scrambled eggs, newspapers and large pots of coffee encourage you to start the day adopting the Provence philosophy of lentesse: slowness.

There are two restaurants on the property: the rustic Bistrot 40K, which only serves food grown within a 40km radius of the hotel, and Restaurant Jérôme Blanchet.

Snooze by the pool, take a stroll around town, or go for a gentle bike ride. But if you decide to join the legions of Lycra-clad cyclists tackling the brutal climbs of nearby Mont Ventoux, you might want to have an extra croissant at breakfast.