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Travel to Tokyo


Mandarin Oriental, Tokyo

23 July 2015

Words: Andrew Nagy / Image: Mandarin Oriental

Perched 38 floors off ground level, the Mandarin Oriental is the perfect way to get your bearings in a city as chaotic as Tokyo. Your arrival prepares you for the spectacular, as the check-in desk has the sublime city skyline as its backdrop and, on a clear day, you’ll be able to see Mount Fuji from your breakfast table.

Much like the city itself, it marries contemporary with classic rather well – kimonos in the room are a nice touch.

Three of the eight restaurants are Michelin-starred – Sushi Sora’s eight-seat place is a must, but then the pizzas on 38th are as good as you’ll find in New York – and the location is ideal as the Mitsukoshi-Mae subway is in the basement and big stations such as Shibuya are only 20 minutes away.

Finally, the best way to judge a hotel is by its staff. In Tokyo, a city that views tipping as something of an insult, the service is generally way above that of the rest of the world. In the Mandarin Oriental Tokyo, they take that level of service up a notch.