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Trusted Transguard to transport TRIGEM’s diamonds

Dubai, 29 January 2020: Diamonds are forever, but these highly prized and valuable stones also need maximum security and careful handling along its supply chain. Transguard, one of the UAE’s leading security and logistics firms, has signed an agreement with TRIGEM DMCC, an independent diamond service company, to provide exactly that – secure transport services.

TRIGEM Charlotte Boiling, set to launch in February 2020, is a joint venture between TRIGEM DMCC in Dubai and Charlotte Quality Boiling in Antwerp, Belgium. It offers boiling services to mining companies worldwide and to diamond traders in Dubai.

Diamond traders can now drop off their wares at Transguard’s offices in Almas Tower, DMCC six days a week and pick it up the next day, after the stones have been processed by TRIGEM. This complements Transguard’s services tailored for its large clientele base of diamond traders based in DMCC. The firm offers special logistics and preferred prices to TRIGEM’s customers worldwide and its global partners.

Shaikh Ahmed Bin Manna Bin Khalifa Saeed Al-Maktoum, Partner at TRIGEM DMCC, said: “Our aim is very clear: to make Dubai the center of the world for diamond trade and diamond servicing. To accomplish this, we must prove our best-in-class service on the world stage. Obviously, one of the most critical components of the diamond industry is security. By partnering with Transguard, the most respected security provider in the UAE, along with being located in one of the safest countries in the world, we know this partnership will offer a level of security to TRIGEM Charlotte Boiling customers that simply can’t be duplicated anywhere else on the planet.”

Dr. Abdulla Al-Hashimi, Divisional Senior Vice President Emirates Group Security and CEO Transguard Group said: “Managing secure logistics and solutions for high-end valuables requires another level of expertise and experience, which is why we’re the trusted partners for hundreds of businesses in the UAE. Transguard and TRIGEM are like-minded partners – we both have a vision for our business and for how it contributes to the growth of Dubai. We wish TRIGEM every success.”

With Transguard’s new transport service, TRIGEM Charlotte Boiling will be able to process and deliver over 1.4 million carats of diamonds per month. Diamond traders can email contact@trigemdmcc.com for more information.

About Transguard

Transguard, a division of the Emirates Group, provides end-to-end international secured logistics solutions for valuable commodities including bank notes, diamonds, jewellery, precious metals and diplomatic mail. It is the only agency authorised by Dubai Civil Aviation to escort valuable cargo between the aircraft and the airport's strong-room. Transguard Group LLC, a sister concern, offers a range of additional services such as Cash-in-Transit, Cash Processing, ATM Management, Security Services, Manpower Services and Integrated Facility Services. Transguard is the UAE’s most trusted business support and outsourcing provider and has a large, dynamic and culturally diverse workforce numbering in excess of 70,000 people.

About TRIGEM Charlotte Boiling

TRIGEM Charlotte Boiling is a joint initiative between TRIGEM DMCC, an independent, globally trusted diamond service provider in Dubai, and Charlotte Quality Boiling, a renowned diamond boiling service provider in Antwerp. TRIGEM Charlotte Boiling's unique, exclusive, and top-secret boiling 'recipe' used in Belgium allows miners and traders to get more value from their material with unmatched trust and discretion before tender or sale. With a monthly capacity of over 1.4m rough carats per month, TRIGEM Charlotte Boiling will also offer light boiling for polished material. This serves as a strong complement to TRIGEM DMCC's manufacturing unit, which has a 400 rough carat per month capacity, empowering global traders and jewellers from around the world with cost-effective and high-quality diamond manufacturing, re-cutting, and upgrading.


Sheba Koonan, Emirates Public Relations, sheba.koonan@emirates.com