Our Journey Towards the Future of Aviation

We make the lives of millions of people better through the power of travel and connection. We also recognise the positive impact we have on our customers and communities is fundamentally linked with our collective natural resources. That’s why we’re taking action now to transform our operations and supply chain. We’re on a journey to connect the world in a better way, so people can Fly Better for years to come. And the impact of our action is already taking shape.  

We're transforming our operations and supply chain to connect the world in a better way.  We’ve invested billions of dollars to fly a young and efficient wide-body aircraft fleet, and we work closely with industry partners to push aviation technology advancements. We've pledged US$ 200 million to research and develop more sustainable ways of flying long haul. As the world’s largest international airline, we’re helping to bring the industry together, in partnership, to find a better future. 

Emirates’ environmental efforts are focussed on three areas: reducing emissions, consuming responsibly and preserving wildlife and habitats.  

Connecting tomorrow