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Over 220,000 passengers have flown Emirates’ two-class A380


Dubai, UAE - 24 February 2016: More than 220,000 passengers have flown the two-class A380 on over 450 flights since it first entered service in December 2015.

Click here to watch Emirates Cabin Crew explain the features of the two-class A380.

The Emirates’ two class configured A380 features 58 flatbed seats in Business Class and 557 spacious seats in Economy Class, as well as Emirates’ popular Onboard Lounge. The newest version of the Emirates’ A380 features the widest individual in-seat Economy Class screens in the industry, measuring in at 13.3 inches, offering over 2,200 channels of entertainment on ice.

Currently, the two-class configured A380 flies to four destinations including Copenhagen, Bangkok, Manchester and Kuala Lumpur. The airline’s 74th A380 has just been added into the fleet.  Of the 74 A380s in Emirates’ fleet, four aircraft feature the two-class cabin configuration.

Washington D.C launched as Emirates’ newest A380 destination this year, and in the upcoming months Birmingham, Prague and Taipei will also join Emirates’ A380 network. Emirates is the largest operator of the A380, flying to 36 destinations around the world from Dubai.