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Sri Lanka

Travel to Sri Lanka

Passengers originating from the United Kingdom or transiting in the United Kingdom or those who have visited United Kingdom within the past 14 days are not permitted to land in Sri Lanka.

Travel to Sri Lanka is currently not allowed except for government approved passengers arriving on repatriation flights.

Repatriation of Passengers to Sri Lanka:

Passengers who wish to return to Sri Lanka will have to contact the Sri Lankan Embassy in their country of residence for prior approval. **

  • The Embassy will then communicate with Sri Lankan Authorities for approval on behalf of passenger to obtain approvals from Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) & Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) in Sri Lanka.
  • Once approval is granted, passengers to forward same approval to the below dedicated email address for booking and ticket issuance.


** (Note: When a local representative of the Sri Lankan government is not present at the point of origin, or when no response is received from the embassy, passengers should directly contact MOFA LK for approvals.)

For more information on entry procedures, for passengers who wish to return to Sri Lanka, kindly contact the nearest Sri Lankan Embassies or Consulates in respective countries.

COVID-19 testing requirements

Before Departure:

Foreigners must hold a negative COVID‑19 PCR test report in English. The test must be conducted within 96 hours prior to embarkation.

Sri Lankan citizens/ dual citizens must hold a negative COVID‑19 test report in English. The test can either be:

  • A COVID-19 PCR test which is conducted within 96 hours prior to embarkation.
  • Rapid Antigen test within 48 hours prior to embarkation.

The test report must be available for all passengers with no exceptions and irrespective of age.

On Arrival:

Two COVID-19 PCR tests will be carried out on all passengers as mandated by the Government of Sri Lanka.

One COVID-19 PCR test will be carried out on the day of arrival and a second COVID-19 PCR after 10 days. The payment for same should be done before departure at the point of origin.

Contact for details of the approved lab and payment procedure

Quarantine Requirements

After arrival formalities, customers will be taken to an available hotel designated for quarantine of 14 days.

Payment has to be done directly to the hotel and a standard charge per passenger, per day for full board accommodation would be as follows.

Charges subject to change with standard of the hotel:

  • Sharing room- LKR 7500
  • Single occupancy- LKR 12500

Passenger will have to bear the following costs as well:

  • Transportation cost from the airport to the place of quarantine/hotel.
  • Any other incidental expenditure

Required forms

Customers are required to submit a completed Health Declaration Form (HDF) on arrival in Sri Lanka.

Other information

Passengers must have OK to board approval on their booking itinerary (PNR) from the Sri Lankan government to be accepted on flights to Colombo.

Passengers transiting through Colombo must have OK to board approval for onward travel and their transit time should not be longer than 12 hours.

A temporary suspension of the import of live animals accompanied with passenger baggage has been imposed. Therefore, live animals are only permitted via cargo.

Travel from Sri Lanka

Passengers travelling from Sri Lanka are advised to arrive a minimum of 4 hours before departure to allow time for health screening and document verification.

COVID 19 testing requirements

It is mandatory that customers confirm the COVID‑19 PCR test requirements as per the regulations of the destination country and present the test result certificate at check‑in.

Travelling to, from and through Dubai

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