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Travel to Hungary

There are restrictions on the categories of passengers who can enter Hungary at this time. Please check the latest requirements before you travel. If you are travelling to Hungary, you may be required to take a COVID-19 PCT test before departure or on arrival, as well as undergo self quarantine.


Passengers arriving into Hungary are subject to 10 days self quarantine from the date/time of entering the country. The quarantine period can be shortened if the passenger is able to present two negative COVID-19 PCR test results. The tests must be taken at local designated laboratories with a 48-hour period between the two tests.


Travel to Hungary is only permitted for Hungarian citizens, citizens with permanent residence permit in Hungary and their family members.

Passengers holding a travel document issued by any other countries (including EU and Non-EU citizens) are not permitted to enter with the following exceptions:

  • Passengers in transit are allowed to enter in case of negative health screening at entry, if they are able to certify the purpose and destination of their travel and their entry into a neighbouring country of Hungary on their way to their final destination is ensured.
  • Hungarian citizens arriving from Czechia, Poland and Slovakia having accommodation there before 6 October may be exempted from quarantine provided they undergo one COVID-19 PCR test after arrival.
  • Passengers arriving for cultural or sport events in Hungary are allowed to enter with a ticket of the event provided that they have two negative PCR test results within 5 days with at least a 48hr period between the two tests..
  • Passengers are allowed to enter Hungary for business or economic activities if they provide proof of this at entry. Customers arriving in Hungary for business or economic activities are exempted from health screening and quarantine, provided they hold permission to enter Hungary.
  • All other passengers that have pre-approval from Hungarian Authorities. The request to enter Hungary can be lodged online.

Other information

For more information about the entry process upon arrival and departure please visit the Budapest Airport website.