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Departures from Dubai

If you are travelling to China, you are required to take a COVID‑19 PCR test and antibody blood test before departure. Please check the requirements below for the forms and documents you need to submit for entry.

COVID‑19 testing requirements

Effective 7 November 2020, passengers from the United Arab Emirates to China, before boarding the flight, will be required to take COVID‑19 PCR and IgM anti-body tests for which the sample was taken 48 hours before boarding.

The Chinese Embassy has designated the following testing facilities to conduct the tests:

Passenger has to apply for green health code with the “HS” logo or health status statement.

Passengers departing from the UAE and transiting to China via a third country must undergo the nucleic acid test and serum IgM antibody test in the transit country (the country of departure for direct flights to China) and apply for green health codes with the "HS" logo or health status declaration at the embassies and consulates there. Please refer to the requirements under the Joining passengers from Dubai section.

Check-in requirements

Transit passengers

  • Transiting to China via UAE on Emirates is not allowed.
  • Transiting to China via a third country on Emirates to other airlines is not allowed. Passengers must break their journey at the last port of entry into China.
  • Transiting to China via UAE on other airlines to Emirates is not allowed.

Through check-in and tagging of bags from point of origin to any destination in China is not allowed. Passengers have to break their journey at each transit point.

The Chinese embassy in the UAE will in principle no longer accept applications for health codes and health status declarations for passengers transiting to China via a third country after November 18, 2020.

Joining passengers from Dubai

  • Chinese national:
    • Only those who present Green Health QR codes with an “HS” mark issued by Chinese Embassy or Consulate in UAE are allowed to check-in/board.
    • All passengers must upload negative tests result through Wechat Health Code Program within 24 hours after certificates are issued.
  • Foreign Passengers:
    • Only those who present a Health Declaration Form issued and stamped by a Chinese Embassy or Consulate in UAE are allowed to board.
    • To obtain this follow below procedure:
      • The tests must be taken at a medical institution appointed by the Chinese Embassy/Consulate-General in UAE. The scanned copies of negative tests results, along with passport information page, itinerary and the signed Health Declaration Form, must be sent by email to the Chinese Embassy in the UAE or the Chinese Consulate-General in Dubai.
      • Email of the Chinese Embassy in the UAE:
      • Email of the Chinese Consulate-General in Dubai:
      • These documents will then be examined and verified by the Chinese Embassy/Consulate-General before a stamped CHD (Certified Health Declaration) Form is emailed back to the applicant. The CHD (Certified Health Declaration) Form within its validity period must be printed out and presented to the airline official before check-in.

Customs Requirements:

All passengers (Chinese & Foreign Nationals) must complete the China Customs Health Declaration via the China Customs app, WeChat app or online as applicable. At check in, passenger must present the QR code as proof that they have submitted the personal health declaration form. Printed forms will not be accepted.

QR Code

Customs Health Declaration QR code is valid for 24 hours before arrival in China.

  • Seat number is mandatory and to be filled in Customs Health Declaration form after check-in.
  • New QR code to be presented at boarding gate after seat number is updated in Customs Health Declaration form

Required apps

Chinese national: WeChat/ Customs declaration app

Foreign national: Customs declaration app or website


All passengers arriving in Guangzhou must undergo a Nucleic Acid Test (NAT) and a 14-day quarantine in designated facilities for medical observation at the passenger’s own expense.

Visa exemptions

  • Foreign nationals holding visas or residence permits still valid effective from 00:00 local time, 28 March 2020, including APEC Business Travel Cards, are temporarily suspended entry into mainland China.
  • Effective 28 September 2020, passengers with a residence permit issued by China (People's Rep.) with the purpose “work”, “personal matters” and “reunion” are allowed to enter.
  • Residence Permits issued for “students” and “journalists” are not allowed to enter.
  • The following visa policies are suspended as well: 24/72/144-hour visa-free transit policy, Hainan 30-day visa-free policy, 15-day visa-free policy specified for foreign cruise/group tours through Shanghai Port, Guangdong 144-hour visa-free policy specified for foreign tour groups from Hong Kong or Macao SAR, and Guangxi 15-day visa-free policy specified for foreign tour groups of ASEAN countries.
  • Entry with diplomatic, service, courtesy or C visas will not be affected.
  • Entry by foreign nationals with visas/resident permits issued after 00:00 GMT 27 March 2020 will not be affected.
  • Foreign nationals with permanent residence cards (ZHONG GUO LV KA or China Green Cards) will not be affected.
  • Foreign nationals under the List of Agreements on Mutual Visa Exemption between the People’s Republic of China and Foreign Countries will not be affected.

Travelling to, from and through Dubai

If you're travelling to, from or transiting through Dubai, please check our Travel requirements for Dubai.