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Feel the magic of Christmas

It’s time to enjoy the festive spirit that so many of us have been looking forward to this year. While Christmas may be a little different in 2020, we’re still bringing the warmth of the season to your journey as you fly to your celebrations. From a traditional Christmas dinner to sweet indulgences, enjoy some festive surprises on selected routes out of Dubai from 6 to 31 December.

  • Christmas indulgence in Economy Class

    Fill up on roast turkey drizzled with cranberry sauce, served with peas, baby carrots and creamy mashed potato. And satisfy your sweet tooth with a chocolate mousse with mandarin compote topped with a festive chocolate button.

  • Enjoy a festive feast in First Class and Business Class

    Start your Christmas dinner with our take on the classic prawn cocktail, with lemon and herb king prawns served with fennel salad and cocktail sauce. Then delve into roast turkey with chestnut and apricot stuffing, turkey bacon, roast potatoes and creamy Brussels sprouts. Finish with a delicious chocolate and cranberry or mint dessert, and you’ll be just about ready to snooze off to a Christmas movie.

  • A taste of home in our lounges

    The festive fun starts in our Dubai lounges. Enjoy the traditional Christmas fare of the region, from turkey, duck and lamb dishes to yule logs and Christmas stollen. And sip a gingerbread brew from Coffee Planet or chill with an ice cream in special festive flavours.

  • Hot cocoa in First and Business Class

    Warm your belly with a steaming cup of cocoa sprinkled with indulgent toppings. Each mug is served with a choice of festive cookies, like spiced gingerbread or cranberry, white chocolate and pistachio.

Christmas surprises for kids

In Economy Class little elves can tuck in to a Christmas turkey dinner with a delicious chocolate dessert and an extra chocolate snowman cookie. In First Class and Business Class, kids can get chocolate smiles with hot cocoa and a choice of sweet toppings together with a festive cookie.

Get cosy with a Christmas classic

Snuggle under your blanket and doze off to some Christmas favourites. We’ve got Home Alone, Miracle on 34th Street, A Christmas Miracle, A Very British Christmas, and more. Plus you can enjoy your favourite holiday TV specials including Friends: The Christmas Episodes.

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