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Flights to Stockholm will assure you that the Swedish capital is one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

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Flights to Stockholm

Flights to Stockholm take you to a place unlike any other. Instead of row upon row of skyscrapers, the city, which is built across 14 islands, has large sections devoted to parks and woodlands. There’s also the spectacular Lake Mälaren.

This friendly city can broadly be divided into old and new. The historic part, Gamla Stan, is a labyrinth of cobbled streets and interesting architecture. On the other hand the more modern side has plenty of restaurants, hotels and cultural sights to keep travellers entertained.

Stockholm is a cosmopolitan city with a diverse population, so there’s a wide range of dining options to choose from, and something to suit all budgets. The shopping scene is quite varied too, with craft shops sitting comfortably alongside high-end boutiques. And at the end of a long day of sightseeing, there are world-class lounges and nightlife venues just waiting to welcome you in.

When you’re done with all that dining and dancing, it’s time to head outdoors. Stockholm is a brilliant destination for an active holiday, with a natural beauty that is truly breathtaking. Witness it strolling along the shores of the Baltic Sea, or by heading into the woods for a hike.

You can go island-hopping or stick to solid land and learn about the city’s Viking history (did you know that the Swedes never wore the famous horned Viking helmets?). Once you’re done exploring, there are plenty of hotels to choose from, ranging from the luxurious to the budget-friendly, which more than live up to the Swedish reputation for impeccable design.

Socialise at Icebar Stockholm

As the first permanent ice bar in the world, Icebar Stockholm is made entirely of frozen water from the Torne River in northern Sweden. The only things that aren't made of ice are the beverages and the staff. Be sure to wrap up warm before entering, unless you want to become part of the furniture.

Vasaplan 4
111 20
+46 8 5056 3520

Take a cycling tour

There are many ways to explore the islands that make up Stockholm and its surroundings. Take a cycling tour to see as many highlights as possible and get some exercise. With well-maintained routes, it's good for all levels of experience and you can choose to go it alone or join a tour.

Bike Sweden
Narvavägen 13-17
114 60
+46 8 5252 7000

Explore Millesgården

Beautiful terraces, fountains and stairways adorn this property, but it is the exceptional sculptures in the garden that make it worth the visit. Overlooking the waters of Värtan, sculptor Carl Milles decided in 1906 it was the perfect place to build his house and make a space for his and his wife’s work.

Herserudsvägen 32
181 34
+46 8 446 7590

Wander the streets of Gamla Stan

Gamla Stan is the old part of the city and is where Stockholm was founded in 1252. Not only is it one of the most impressive medieval centres in Europe, the cobbled streets are full of shops and cafes. The churches of Gamla Stan are among the largest in the world. Stockholm Cathedral is a good starting point.

Stockholm Cathedral
Trångsund 1
111 29
+46 8 723 3000

Visit the Vasa Museum

Part of the Swedish National Maritime Museums, the Vasa Museum is the proud owner of the only intact 17th century ship in the world. The gunship sank on her maiden voyage, but has been restored to its former glory. Watch the video screening at the start of the exhibition to get an insight into its incredible story.

Galärvarvsvägen 14
115 21
+46 8 5195 4800

Cheer on Järnkaminerna at Hovet

Officially called Djurgårdens IF Hockey, this ice hockey team – the pride of many in Stockholm – has won numerous European trophies. Head to Hovet to show your support as part of the near 9,000-strong crowd, or look out for the big matches held in the nearby Ericsson Globe, with its 13,850 capacity.

121 77
+46 77 131 0000

Prinsen (Swedish)

You get a real sense of history when you dine at Prinsen, an establishment that's more than a century old. This French bistro-style eatery serves up classic Swedish dishes ¬– don't leave without trying the lobster bisque, or Prinsen's famous meatballs. The service is excellent too.

Mästersamuelsgatan 4
111 44
+46 8 611 1331

Lisas Cafe & Hembageri (Cafe)

Stockholmers love nothing better than a sweet treat accompanied by a strong cup of coffee and Lisas Cafe is an institution in this respect. All the cakes and pastries are homemade – a testament to Lisas’ early morning baking. The sandwiches are a great choice for when you need something more substantial.

Skånegatan 68
116 37
+46 8 640 3636

Rosendals Trädgård (Organic)

Set in the lush scenery of Rosendal Garden, this cafe makes tasty food using the organic produce grown on site. The cakes and pastries are homemade and a wood-fired stone oven adds to the authenticity of the dishes. Round off your meal with a stroll around the gardens.

Rosendalsterrassen 12
115 21
+46 8 5458 1270

Nystekt Strömming (Swedish/Street food)

Seek out Stockholm institution Nystekt Strömming (The Herring Wagon) at Södermalm Square. This humble cart has been providing Stockholm's residents with fresh fish snacks for decades. Try the skåning: herring on rye bread with onions, mustard and fresh dill. There are picnic tables where you can stop to eat.

Södermalm Square
Sodermalmstorg 1
116 45
+46 70 452 3929

Nyfiken Gul (Barbecue)

Nyfiken Gul is perfect for a relaxed day in the sun. This lakeside open-air eatery is best known for its excellent barbecue, but the side dishes are worth mentioning too, especially the mango salad. You can also grill your own food.

Hammarby Slussväg 15
118 60
+46 8 642 5202 (Swedish language website)

Gro (International)

Gro, with its trendy minimalist interior, offers perhaps the best lunch in the city, so go early to guarantee a table. This restaurant’s menu changes daily and provides four options. You'll have to splash out a bit for the indulgent desserts, but they are well worth the extra kroner.

Sankt Eriksgatan 67
113 32
+46 8 643 4222 (Swedish language website)

STF/IYHF af Chapman

This youth hostel is a hidden gem in Stockholm. Your main accommodation is on a boat in the heart of the city, with reception and extra rooms in a building across the mooring. Grab a deckchair and watch the boats pass by.

Flaggmansvägen 8
111 49
+46 8 463 2266

Rival Hotel

Want to get your ABBA fix without singing along at a karaoke venue? This property is owned by Benny Andersson from the world-famous Swedish group. Grab a room with a balcony that overlooks Maria Square and stick on one of the CDs that's provided as part of the service.

Mariatorget 3
118 91
+46 8 5457 8900

Nobis Hotel

This 201-room property was one of the city's first contemporary luxury hotels. Set in two 19th century buildings on Norrmalmstorg Square, the rooms are beautifully designed and the friendly staff attentive but unobtrusive. In the evenings, the venue is a popular hangout for locals.

Norrmalmstorg 2-4
111 86
+46 8 614 1000

Lydmar Hotel

One of Stockholm's finest hotels, Lydmar Hotel is a real jewel with beautiful artwork, stunning interiors and a friendly atmosphere. The restaurant is excellent too – check out their ‘Sunday Comfort’ menu.

Södra Blasieholmshamnen 2
103 24
+46 8 223 160

Hotel Skeppsholmen

With its central location in the archipelago and boasting views across the water, Hotel Skeppsholmen offers plenty to enjoy. The rooms are large and the service is impeccable. The hotel restaurant is worth visiting if you want to mingle with the locals.

Gröna gången 1
111 49
+46 8 407 2300

Birger Jarl

It's amazing just how peaceful Birger Jarl’s rooms are when you consider its central location. Named after the founder of Stockholm, this four-star hotel is perfect for a city break. It's got all the facilities you need, including a gym on the top floor.

Tulegatan 8
113 53
+46 8 674 1800

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