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What about return / onward flights?

The information below applies to standard operations. Please read our updated information specific to operation services during the coronavirus pandemic.

The online check-in system will allow you to check in for all eligible flights scheduled to depart within 48 hours of the time you use online check-in. If your return or onward flights are scheduled to depart within 60 hours of your outbound flight, then the online system will allow you to check in for these flights. If any of your flights are scheduled to depart more than 60 hours after your outbound flight, you will need to repeat the online check-in process for those flights closer to the scheduled departure time.

Please note if your return/onward flight departs outside of the 60-hour window from an airport where online check-in is not currently offered, you will need to follow normal check-in procedures for that flight at the main Emirates desk.