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Lost property form

Complete this form if you’ve lost personal items or cabin baggage at the airport or on board an Emirates flight

How to report lost property

If you’re at the airport, please speak to a member of the Emirates team for help. If you’ve already left the airport, please complete our lost property form to report missing personal items or cabin baggage and we’ll investigate promptly.

Use this form if you were travelling on an Emirates aircraft and have a ticket number starting with 176. If you were travelling on an aircraft operated by another airline, please contact them directly, even if you have an Emirates ticket.

For help with your lost property in Dubai, please contact us on +971 600 555555. If you’re outside the UAE, please contact your local Emirates office (Opens page in the same tab).

How to report missing checked-in baggage

If you’ve lost checked-in baggage or it hasn’t arrived on your Emirates flight, please contact us (Opens page in the same tab).

You can also check the status of a lost baggage claim that you’ve already submitted on our Delayed and Damaged Baggage page (Opens page in the same tab).

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Ticket details

Please enter the details below ensuring that the last name matches the one on your ticket. If your ticket number doesn’t start with 176, you will need to submit your complaint to the airline you travelled with.

Lost item details

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