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How can I get a refund on an unused or partially unused ticket?

In light of Health concerns globally, please refer to this page for information regarding cancellation, changes and refunds.

To get a refund on a ticket you’ve paid for but not used, you can use the link in Manage a booking, depending on the type of ticket you hold.

If this link isn’t available, you can request a refund using our online refund request form.

If your ticket was bought online, the refund can only be credited to the card used to make the purchase. Refunds are issued in accordance with fare conditions.

Please be aware that some tickets are non-refundable once you’ve started your trip. Tickets which permit a refund when partially unused may only have a small amount that would be refunded, depending on the flights flown, and the applicable fare for those flights flown, in addition to any fees.

As the amount refunded to you might not be proportional to the number of the flights flown on the ticket, or the distance travelled, you may wish to consider changing your booking instead.