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Travel from Ljubljana

to 150 destinations worldwide

Now you can connect between Ljubljana in Slovenia and Zagreb in Croatia easily with GoOpti airport transfers.

We’ve partnered with the transport service so you can combine your flight to and from Zagreb with a bus journey between Zagreb and Ljubljana.

The new connection means that even if you live, work or you’re going on holiday in Slovenia, you can benefit from our connection from Zagreb to over 150 worldwide destinations.

You can choose from the two bus stations in Ljubljana:
  • Ljubljana Airport terminal building
  • Ljubljana Railway Station – the crossroad of Miklosiceva cesta and Trg Osvobodilne fronte (opposite the Triglav Building)

Book your bus transfer
Book your flight online and select Ljubljana Airport (LJU) or Ljubljana Railway Station (LJR) as your origin or destination. Once you’ve finalised your reservation, you’ll receive an Emirates ticket, which will include your flight as well as your bus journey.

If you’re booking through an Emirates office or travel agency, ask them to add the bus service for you before they complete the booking.

Summer Schedule (until 27 October 2018)

RoutingCarrierFlight no.Departure (local time)Arrival (local time)
Ljubljana Airport (LJU) - Zagreb AirportGoOptiEK 703010:3013:00
Ljubljana Railway Station (LJR) - Zagreb AirportGoOptiEK 703011:0013:00
Zagreb - DubaiEmiratesEK 13015:2522:55
Dubai - ZagrebEmiratesEK 12908:3012:35
Zagreb Airport - Ljubljana Railway Station (LJR)GoOptiEK 702913:4515:45
Zagreb Airport - Ljubljana Airport (LJU)GoOptiEK 702913:4516:15

Bus departure from Ljubljana
When your journey starts at Ljubljana Airport or Ljubljana Railway Station, go to the GoOpti bus station you booked from and present your valid passport. No advance check-in or boarding pass is required for the bus journey.

For safety reasons you won’t be able to check-in your baggage at the GoOpti bus stations in Ljubljana for your entire journey – you can check in your baggage to your final destination only at Zagreb Airport.

Bus departure from Zagreb Airport
When you arrive at Zagreb Airport you should go through customs and immigration. Then collect your baggage and go to the ground floor pick up area where the GoOpti bus is waiting for you. At the bus you just have to present a valid passport - no advance check-in or boarding pass is required for the bus journey.

Confirmation from GoOpti
You will receive an email or an SMS with your final pick-up details one day before your planned bus journey, if your telephone number or email address is stated in your booking.

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  • The bus service can only be booked in conjunction with an Emirates flight.
  • GoOpti will honour EK baggage allowance on its buses; no check-in is required for the luggage on the bus segment.
  • Passengers need to show up at the bus station at least 15 minutes before departure.
  • Travelling only from Ljubljana Airport (LJU) to Ljubljana Railway Station (LJR) is not possible.