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Partnership with Swiss Federal Railways

Swiss Federal Railways

Fly Emirates to and from Switzerland and connect to Zurich and Geneva airports by train with Swiss Federal Railways.

Combine your flight and rail ticket

Swiss Federal Railways is the national railway company in Switzerland. They offer efficient and on time travel with their national rail network. SBB’s tickets can be booked in connection with Emirates flights to and from Zurich (ZRH) and Geneva (GVA) airports.


Connect to and from these destinations from Zurich and Geneva airports.

Zurich AirportZRHBasel SBB Train StationZDH
Zurich AirportZRHBern HauptbahnhofZDJ
Zurich AirportZRHChur Train StationZDT
Zurich AirportZRHGrenchen Süd Train StationZHI
Zurich AirportZRHLausanne Train StationQLS
Zurich AirportZRHLuzern Train StationQLJ
Zurich AirportZRHSt. Gallen Train StationQGL
Zurich AirportZRHGeneva Train StationZHT
Geneva AirportGVABern HauptbahnhofZDJ
Geneva AirportGVALausanne Train StationQLS
Geneva AirportGVALuzern Train StationQLJ
Geneva AirportGVASion AirportSIR
Geneva AirportGVAZurich AirportZRH
Geneva AirportGVASt. Gallen Train StationQGL
Geneva AirportGVAZurich Train StationZLP

How to book

You can book SBB trains on, through an online travel agency or with your travel agents. SBB trains will either have and EK flight number between 3021 and 3036 or 9B flight number between 1300 and 1999.

When you book on, select your departure and/or arrival destination when requesting your flight.

General check-in process

You’ll need to present your ticket for boarding. Your SBB ticket will contain information on connections between two train stations.

Airport transfers

  • In Geneva and Zurich airports, you’ll find signs directing you to the train stations under or next to the airport.
  • Geneva airport is 250m away from the railway terminal via a covered walkway.
  • In Zurich airport, the station is located underneath the Airport Centre at the lowest level (02).

Baggage policy

Emirates baggage allowance policies will apply.