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Ground Partners

Partnership with SNCB Belgian Railways

Combine your flight and rail ticket

Now it’s easier for you to plan your journey to and from the airport in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Fly with us to and from the Netherlands or Belgium and connect to Schiphol and Brussels airports by train with SNCB Belgian Railways. Book your entire journey with us and pay one fare from your departure point through to your final destination.


Here are just some of the destinations you can access with SNCB Belgian Railways: 

  • From Amsterdam Schiphol (AMS) to Brussels Midi (ZYR), Brussels Airport (BRU) and Antwerp (ZWE)
  • From Breda (QRZ), Amsterdam Central (ZYA) and Rotterdam (QRH) to Brussels Airport (BRU)

Please note that only international routes are available for booking.

How to book

You can book your SNCB Belgian Railways tickets on, an online travel agency or any travel agent. 

When you book your journey, simply select the respective city as departure or destination as you would if you were booking a normal flight. You’ll find a combination of trains and flights that match your search criteria. SNCB trains will either have an EK flight number between 3165 and 3167 or 9B flight number between 9200 and 9299.

General check-in process

You’ll need to present your ticket(s) for boarding. 

Passengers can also check in with customer service agents at the AirRail desk located at stations where the InterCity Brussels – Amsterdam service has regular stops.

For additional information on travelling on your selected ground operator and how to check-in, please visit: in a new tab)

Terms and conditions

Emirates baggage allowance policies will apply.