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Seat Types

With the Emirates Seat Selection tool you can choose a seat based on your preferences, whether you prefer to be seated at the front or back of the plane, enjoy extra legroom, a great view from the window seat, or access from the aisle seat to get up and move around.

You can also choose a seat for free at check-in, up to 48 hours before your flight.

Choose from one of our Extra Value seats or a regular seat during seat selection:

Regular: All of our standard seats are designed with ultimate comfort in mind.

Preferred: A seat closer to the front of the plane allowing you to disembark the plane quickly.

Twin: Sit in a row of just window and aisle seats. Available at the back of our Boeing 777 and upper deck of the Airbus A380.

Extra Legroom: Exit row seats allow you extra legroom.* Available to book up to six hours before departure.

Upper and Lower deck: Available on our A380 aircrafts. Upper deck means more cabin and storage space.

*Exit row seat passengers will need to comply with certain safety requirements.

Economy and Business Class Seat Selection

You can select your seat preference either when booking your flight, or up to 48 hours before departure. You can also manage your seat type through your online account or on the Emirates app.

Economy tickets require a small fee to reserve a certain seat type in advance, and complimentary selection opens online 48 hours before the flight.

Business Class** and First Class tickets are eligible for complimentary seat selection, as well as certain loyalty programme tiers.

*Passengers travelling on Business Class Special fare can select their complimentary seat when online check-in opens.

Advance Seat Selection

You’ll only pay seat selection charges on an Emirates operated flight before check-in:

  • for any seat when traveling on a Special or Saver fare
  • for a Preferred, Twin or an Extra Leg-room seat when traveling on a Flex fare
  • for a Preferred seat on the A380 upper deck, and for a Twin or an Extra Legroom seat when traveling on a Flex Plus fare*

Please read our FAQs for more information.

Seat Fees

Check the table below for our Extra Value seat fees. Seat prices vary according to season, route and destination.

Seat typeFees in EUR
RegularBetween 10 and 30
PreferredBetween 25 and 75
TwinBetween 30 and 115
Extra LegroomBetween 50 and 175

We’ll automatically allocate you your preferred seat, free of charge, if you have specific seating requirements or are traveling with an infant. See our FAQs for more details.

For loyalty programme members

Emirates Skywards, Skysurfers, and Qantas Frequent Flyer members enjoy additional seat selection benefits. Check whether you and your accompanying passengers are eligible for free seat selection.*

Check the tables below to see your seat selection eligibility.

Emirates Skywards/Skysurfers tierRegularPreferredTwinExtra Legroom
Platinum (accompanying passengers):FreeFreeFreePaid
Gold (and accompanying passengers):FreeFreePaidPaid
Silver (accompanying passengers):PaidPaidPaidPaid

Qantas Frequent Flyer tierRegularPreferredTwinExtra Legroom
Chairmans Lounge:FreeFreeFreePaid
Chairmans Lounge (accompanying passengers):FreeFreeFreePaid
Gold, Platinum and Platinum One (and accompanying passengers):FreeFreePaidPaid
Silver (accompanying passengers):PaidPaidPaidPaid
Bronze (and accompanying passengers):PaidPaidPaidPaid

*For group bookings, seat selection benefits will only apply to the Skywards member.


If you’re flying in Business Class or First Class, seat selection charges do not apply.

We’ll automatically allocate you a seat free of charge if you have specific needs, for example if you’re travelling with an infant or if you have medical requirements. Learn more by reading our FAQs.

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