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Neymar Junior on playing for Real Madrid and his new life in Paris

24 January 2018

Open Skies speaks to Neymar Jr about playing for Real Madrid and his new life in Paris

The Champions League gets down to serious business this month, so we asked the world’s most expensive footballer about playing for Real Madrid and his new life in Paris

My favourite part of the city? It’s the stadium, of course – but the Eiffel Tower is very impressive. When I signed the tower lit up and welcomed me to the city. That was very humbling, to see one of the most famous monuments in the world do that for me. 

Barcelona and PSG are both great clubs
But they’re different, too. At PSG there are many Brazilian players that I know well from the national team, so that has been very good for me. To already have friends here made things easy.

I’ll tell you what has surprised me
The fact that there are so many Latin American people living here. In Barcelona you expect it because of the language, but not in Paris… that shocked me.

You can get fantastic Brazilian food in Paris
I love Boteco, a fantastic little Brazilian restaurant and cocktail bar (find it at 48 Rue de l'Echiquier). More importantly, it’s very authentic, too.

PSG can beat Real this month – and go on to win the Champions League
We have the players and the team to win it for sure. We’ve shown that we can beat anyone, and we know we’re now at the level where we can win not just in France but also in Europe. Real Madrid are one of the best – there is a reason why they’ve won three out of the last four Champions League title – so this is going to be a big test for us. But it’s a test we are ready for.

There’s always a reasons to visit Paris
But if you come this month and can stay just a few days into March, you might be lucky enough to get a ticket for PSG vs Real Madrid – and hopefully see us progress into the quarter finals.

Santiago Bernabeu Stadium, Madrid, Spain | REAL VS. PSG