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Bizon Studio, Moda, Istanbul

1 January 2015

Words: Andrew Birbeck / Image: Bizon Studio

In the heart of Moda, Istanbul’s up and coming arts district, you’ll find Bizon Studio. Renowned for its ever-changing window displays, glazed porcelain, framed sketches, otherworldly sculptures and intricately crafted jewellery, Bizon has rapidly become one of the area’s must-visit ateliers since opening in 2011.

Founded by close friends and former Fine Art students Murat Gökçe Yilmaz and Seçil Abdişler, Bizon is both the realisation and continuation of their life’s work. “Seçil and I have created art and design for a very long time now, way before we set up Bizon Studio,” Murat says. “I graduated in ceramics while Seçil majored in sculpture. In fact, as well as running the business, we’re both continuing with postgraduate studies. We never stop learning and sharing our ideas with others and think of Bizon as an open kitchen of art and design where everybody is welcome.” 

Although the pair attended different universities the friendship goes back to their formative years and an unspoken chemistry clearly exists between them. “We complement one another, not only with our work, but we also tread the same path in life and have a common goal,” Murat says. 

Yet art and business can be a notoriously difficult marriage, the creative mind often finding itself in conflict with commercial constraints and responsibilities. Murat admits it was tricky at the beginning, and a steep learning curve. “The business world has different rules and roles,” he says. “We had to adapt quickly, especially as at heart we’re both free spirits. It took a little getting used to.” 

However, to counterbalance this, Bizon Studio was a homecoming in many ways. “These are the streets where we grew up,” says Murat. “It’s a positive place to be and we’re surrounded by other creative people. We’re very lucky.” It’s hard to disagree.