Special offers

Pay less for your sports equipment

Emirates offers special conditions for transportation of sports equipment.
In addition to the normal baggage allowance each customer with an Emirates ticket from / to Vienna can take along sports equipment baggage at the following conditions on the entire Emirates route network:

Baggage typeAdditional Baggage FeeMaximum additional weightTrip
Golf equipmentEUR 12010 kgreturn
Scuba diving equipmentEUR 12010 kgreturn
Sports equipmentEUR 24010 kgreturn

Travel to any one of our over 150 destinations worldwide from Vienna to avail the offer.
The baggage fee must be paid before departure / check-in at the Emirates ticket desk at Vienna Airport.
Please note that it is not possible to pay for the sports baggage at the ticket desk of your destination.
Sports equipment needs to be packed in a separate bag. Each bag must not weigh more than 32kg.

This offer is valid until 29 February 2020 and only on flights that are operated by Emirates.