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Use this form to make a complaint or to give us feedback on any of our products and services.
We can’t respond to requests for help through this form

We’re unable to help with your travel plans and upcoming bookings through this form. Please only use this form to give us feedback or make a complaint about a flight or service you’ve taken in the past. If you’re travelling soon and you need help with a booking, please call us. We understand that it can take time to get through to our Contact Centres as we are receiving a large volume of calls.

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We’d really like to hear what you think of our flights or services. It's helpful to know what you enjoyed and what we can improve.

If it’s about an upcoming flight, please contact us here so we can help you right away.

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Help us to identify what kind of feedback or complaint you want to send. If this is regarding an Emirates booking but the flight was with another airline e.g. Qantas or flydubai, please select the third option below and include your ticket number in the comments.
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