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United Kingdom

Made up of England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales, the United Kingdom boasts a rich history, countless cultural attractions, not to mention one of the most popular capital cities in the world.

And that’s where most people tend to focus their time – London, the capital of the UK, a vibrant, multicultural melting pot. It would take weeks to explore it all, but you can focus on ticking off the big sights, such as Buckingham Palace, Big Ben and the London Eye.

Outside of London, England’s other regions have plenty to offer too and are easily reachable with flights to the UK’s big cities. Some visitors head to the south-west for stunning beaches, a vibrant surf culture, and the chance to try the famous Cornish pasties. For others, it’s the north that’s the biggest draw, where the cities of Liverpool and Manchester are steeped in history as well as modern culture, while their football teams do battle in the Premier League. To get out into the countryside, the Yorkshire Moors and the Lake District are both areas of stunning natural beauty, perfect for hiking, biking or just taking in the scenery.

And that’s just England. To truly experience the UK, make the trip to the highlands of Scotland, where the mountains and lochs are truly breathtaking. The two major cities, Edinburgh and Glasgow, are also must-visits. Wales, the land of valleys, is beautiful too, especially the coastline along the Gower Peninsula. If you love sports, catch a rugby game at the Millennium Stadium in the Welsh capital Cardiff, one of the greatest sporting stadiums in the world.

Across the Irish Sea, Northern Ireland boasts an awe-inspiring coastline, famous for the Giant’s Causeway. It also has some incredible golf courses and is a great place to learn to surf, particularly in Portrush with its laid-back and welcoming vibe, and contains many beautiful cities steeped in history.

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