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Your flights to India are just the start of what's sure to be one of life's great adventures.

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Much has been written about this fascinating travel destination, but nothing will prepare you for the sheer scope of landscapes, cuisines and experiences the first time that you arrive in India.

It’s a vast country, and one that’s very much in transition. Its cities are fiercely modern and developing at a breakneck speed. There’s Bengaluru, formerly Bangalore, which was at the heart of the IT and digital revolution in India. It, along with Gurgaon and Noida, have seen floods of young people moving in to claim a stake in the industry, and with these new workers comes new developments in architecture, shopping, dining and more.

A lot of destinations in India have been transformed by tourism, such as Chennai in the south. Once upon a time this city (formerly known as Madras) was just a gateway to other parts of the country, but today it’s a great place to visit in its own right – packed with luxury hotels, high-end restaurants and malls, with a population as warm and inviting as its weather.

One of the most popular destinations to see is Mumbai (formerly known as Bombay). Life moves at a frenetic pace in this bustling city, the centre of India’s legendary Bollywood film scene. And then there’s the iconic Golden Triangle, which comprises Rajasthan, Jaipur and Agra. Each of these cities has its own unique appeal, but Agra is the most famous, thanks to the presence of the Taj Mahal. It’s an instantly recognisable landmark, a 350-year-old monument built by the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan as an expression of devotion to his late wife.

Along with its natural and made-made attractions, one of the biggest draws of India is the food. You’ll notice distinctive differences between each region; from the seafood of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, and the intense vindaloos of Goa to Rajasthan’s delightfully rich, ghee-heavy food. There’s something to suit all tastes – and budgets.

City guides


Commerce, culture and charm await in Ahmedabad; India’s new capital of industry.

Explore Ahmedabad
Bengaluru (Bangalore)

If you’re keen to see the future of India, then Bengaluru should top your to-do list.

Explore Bengaluru
Chennai (Madras)

With its hot climate, fascinating culture and tasty cuisine, it should come as no surprise that Chennai is one of India’s most visited cities.

Explore Chennai

Once flights to Delhi touch down, it doesn’t take long for the city’s vibrant spirit to charm its guests.

Explore Delhi

A beautiful mélange of historic narrow alleys and urban upscale modernity is just one of the many charms of Hyderabad.

Explore Hyderabad
Kochi (Cochin)

Whilst Kochi is imbued with historical significance, there’s a modern side too – including one of the finest modern art scenes in India.

Explore Kochi

There’s no shortage of things to do in Kolkata, and its infectious creative spirit is sure to leave a lasting impression.

Explore Kolkata
Mumbai (Bombay)

Twenty-first century Mumbai is a city of diversity and excitement, full of vibrant markets, colourful festivals, cricket and Bollywood glamour.

Explore Mumbai

There’s more to Thiruvananthapuram than meets the eye; this city’s got personality and you’ll want to get to know it.

Explore Thiruvananthapuram

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