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Welcome to a world of travel, entertainment and culture, curated from a global collective of writers, photojournalists and artists. Each article of our award-winning magazine is sure to inspire, no matter which of our destinations you call home.


Houston - Hotels, Restaurants, Bars and Galleries

They say that everything is bigger in Texas, and Houston is no exception. The sprawling city covers more turf than some US states, and the diversity of places to go and things to do is proportional to its massive scale. Visitors to Texas’ largest city will find relaxed cowboy culture, alongside sophisticated, metropolitan cool. Houston’s bars and restaurants rank among America’s best


Auckland - Hotels, Restaurants, Bars and Galleries

New Zealand’s largest city is a hive of activity offering astonishing natural scenery. Thanks to its Pacific positioning, the city is host to a diverse populace and waves of spice-laden restaurants, which send plumes of delicious scents wafting into the streets. It’s got global pedigree, but Auckland is also the place to discover New Zealand’s own heritage: from art museums to locally made wines


Kolkata - Hotels, Restaurants, Bars and Galleries

Discover the rich and fascinating history of West Bengal with a trip to its vibrant capital, Kolkata. Home to an array of cultural attractions, esteemed art museums and intellectual institutions, Kolkata is considered one of India’s most exciting creative hubs. Venture into its core and you’ll find plenty of bustling bars and elegant restaurants, perfect for when the sun, finally, goes down


Newcastle - Hotels, Restaurants, Bars and Galleries

Newcastle has all the allure you’d expect from a regional capital and vibrant hub of entertainment and culture. This scenic riverside locale offers a wonderful blend of historic castles and cathedrals, grand architecture and upbeat urban nightlife to rival any city in Europe. Newcastle is also home to a thriving food scene, led by a new generation of talented chefs and enterprising boutique restaurants.