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Travel to Zürich


Baur Au Lac, Zurich

22 June 2016

Words: Andrew Nagy / Images: Baur Au Lac

There’s something undeniably very special about Zurich’s Baur au Lac. You feel it when you wander up to the mightily impressive façade, and in through its grand hallway. Perhaps it’s simply the 170 years of history, or maybe the royals that have slept under its roof, or the fact that the idea for the Nobel Peace Prize was dreamed up right here.

But you soon realise that it’s not simply the glittering backstory, it’s the view of Lake Zurich and the Alps from your suite – recently revamped by interior designer Frederic d’Haufayt; it’s a meal in fine dining restaurant, Pavillon – arguably one of the finest in the city; and it’s the level of care and attention that can often be dismissed by its more contemporary peers as old-fashioned and stuffy.

Make no mistake, Baur au Lac venerates tradition, and any stay here will leave you in no doubt of how it feels to stay at one of the world’s finest hotels.