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Passengers must complete the Republic of Cyprus flight pass online 24 hours before travel. A red flight pass notification means you are not cleared for travel. If there are any issues submitting the online application, passengers must print and carry the required documentation for each country category. Without these documents passengers can’t board the aircraft.

The Republic of Cyprus categorises countries as A, B or C according to their health situation. The list is updated by the Ministry of Health weekly.

All passengers travelling from Category A countries but have stayed in, lived at or transited from category B or C countries with an overnight stay within 14 days of their journey to Cyprus will be considered as travellers from category B or C countries and must follow the guidelines accordingly.

Passengers travelling from Category B countries are required to present a negative COVID-19 PCR test certificate issued at least 72 hours before departure.

Countries not listed under categories A or B are considered Category C countries and the following guidelines apply.

If you are travelling to Cyprus from a Category C country or if you have lived in, stayed at or connected from one with an overnight stay within 14 days of your journey to Cyprus, you can only enter Cyprus and undergo a COVID-19 PCR test on arrival if you belong to any of the below passenger categories:

  • Cypriot citizens, permanently residing in the Republic of Cyprus and their family members (foreign spouses, their minor children and their parents)
  • Persons legally residing in the Republic of Cyprus
  • Persons allowed to enter in the Republic of Cyprus under the Vienna Convention
  • Persons, regardless of nationality, having a special permission by the Republic of Cyprus and persons as defined under the infectious Diseases (Determination of Measures Against the Spread of the COVID-19 Coronavirus disease) Decree (N.30), as amended.

All passengers must bear the cost of the COVID-19 laboratory test of EUR 60 and pay any accommodation costs (EUR 60 daily for single occupancy and EUR 90 daily for double occupancy) and transportation costs if the test results will take a day or more to be completed.

All passengers must remain under mandatory self-isolation at your residence or a government designated facility for 14 days, regardless of the COVID-19 PCR test result.