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National Express

Fly Emirates to London Heathrow and Manchester Airport and travel on to over 25 UK destinations

Combine your flight and rail ticket

National Express offers bus services between the Central Bus Station at London Heathrow and Manchester Airport to the following destinations:
  • From Heathrow Airport (LHR) to Bath Spa (QQX), Birmingham (BHX), Bournemouth (BOH), Brighton (BSH), Bristol (BRS), Cambridge (CBG), Cardiff (CWL), Coventry (CVT), Exeter (EXT), Gatwick (LGW), Leicester (QEW), Luton Airport (LTN), Newport, South Wales (XNE), Norwich (NWI), Nottingham (ZGB), Oxford (OXF), Plymouth (PLH), Southampton (SOU), Stansted (STN), Swansea (SWS), Swindon (XWS) and Taunton (TTY)
  • From Manchester Airport (MAN) to Liverpool (LXC), Manchester (ZMP), Leeds (ZLZ), Bradford (ZFC) and Birmingham (BHX)

How to book

You can book your National Express tickets on, an online travel agency or any travel agent.
When you book your journey, simply select the respective city as departure or destination as you would if you were booking a normal flight. You’ll find a combination of trains and flights that match your search criteria. National Express buses will either have an EK flight number between 3090 and 3121 or 9B flight number between 0001 and 0999.

General check-in process

You’ll need to present your ticket to board the bus.

For additional information on travelling on your selected ground operator and how to check-in, please visit:

Airport Transfers

To commute from Heathrow Express Terminal 4 to National Express Central Station, Passengers can take the free Airport Express to Terminal 3, which departs every 15 minutes, and then walk for about 5 minutes to the Central Bus Station.

Terms and conditions

  • National Express tickets are valid for travel between the points specified on the ticket for up to 24 hours from the departure time stated.
  • Emirates baggage allowance policies will apply.