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Welcome the harvest season with an Onam sadhya on board

We’ve brought the flavours of the Indian harvest to delight you on board. If you’re flying with us to and from Kochi or Thiruvananthapuram from 1 to 9 September 2022, expect to find a fresh banana, inji curry, kalan and cucumber pachadi to accompany your festive main dishes and desserts and complete your traditional Onam feast.

A fresh start

Onam marks the start of the harvest season in South India and it’s also known as the festival of new beginnings. Start your feast with sharkara varatti, banana chips and curd chilli while looking forward to more bountiful days ahead.

A hearty feast

Coconut features heavily in traditional Onam dishes, whether grated or as cream. Savour it in the buttery smoothness of our allepey chicken curry or the velvety hints of our chicken sukka. Or you can choose our mouth-watering sambar as a delicious vegetarian option. In First Class, you have hearty mutton dishes as a third choice for your entrée. And if you’re travelling with us in First Class or Business Class, you also get pappadum and mango pickle to complement your meal.

A sweet ending

What better way to end your meal than with a sweet surprise? Indulge in the decadent creaminess of palada pradhaman with the crunch of cashew nuts, pistachio slivers and fried raisins. On your way back to Dubai, you can cap off your meal with the sugary spice of our parippu payasam topped with toasted coconut flakes.

Products and services may vary on actual flights depending on routes, aircraft configuration and seasonality. Operational requirements may also cause last-minute changes to the aircraft used on scheduled flights.