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The Emirates and Mercedes-Benz story

Emirates’ latest First Class product gives a nod to the design philosophy of Mercedes-Benz, bringing together two global brands renowned for luxury, innovation, and comfort

The Challenge

Designers for cars and aircraft both face similar challenges when working to deliver function and comfort within a confined space, while meeting stringent safety and regulatory standards.

A Meeting of Perfectionists

In 2014 a team from Emirates were invited to meet Mercedes-Benz top designers at a design workshop at Woburn Abbey in the UK. The Emirates team had the opportunity to see some of Mercedes-Benz cutting-edge prototypes including the new S-Class which was then under development.

The Inspiration

Several design details in Emirates latest game-changing First Class product were inspired by Mercedes-Benz, including the soft leather seating and stitching, high-tech touch screen control panels, and the mood lighting within the suite. Meticulous attention to detail is evident throughout.