The Jetstar Group is a network of value-based carriers providing low fares across Australia, New Zealand and the Asia Pacific region. The network of airlines includes Jetstar Australia, Jetstar New Zealand, Jetstar International, Jetstar Asia (Singapore), Jetstar Pacific (Vietnam) and Jetstar Japan. Jetstar Hong Kong will commence operations later in 2014.

Since its launch as part of the Qantas Group in 2004, the Jetstar Group has flown over 110 million passengers and is the largest low-cost carrier in the Asia Pacific by revenue. The Jetstar branded entities in Asia-Pacific are owned by the Qantas Group and other dual brand airline partners. Jetstar Japan is owned together with Japan Airlines while Jetstar Pacific is owned together with Vietnam Airlines. China Eastern is an investor in Jetstar Hong Kong.

Take Advantage Today

Redeem your Skywards Miles for a reward flight with Jetstar and connect to over 55 destinations.

Redemptions are available on Jetstar Australia, Jetstar New Zealand, Jetstar International, Jetstar Asia (Singapore) and Jetstar Japan.

You can also earn Skywards Miles when you fly on international routes with Jetstar Airways, Jetstar Asia and Jetstar Japan. You will also earn Miles if you fly domestic routes within Australia and New Zealand and connect on to an international flight.

Earn Miles

The number of Skywards Miles you earn will depend on how far you fly and the type of ticket you buy. Make sure you select the Plus or Max bundle which has Skywards Miles as an earning option.

Jetstar fare types Economy Starter Economy Starter Plus Economy Starter Max Business Business Max
Number of Skywards Miles earned per mile flown not available 0.5 Skywards Miles 1 Skywards Mile not available 1.25 Skywards Miles

For details on Jetstar’s fare types, please visit the Jetstar website (Opens external website in a new tab).

Spend Miles

Book your Jetstar reward flight online from just 7,000 Skywards Miles. The table below shows the number of Miles you need for a one-way flight depending on your journey. For return travel, double the amount of Miles will be required. Miles can be used for travel in either direction. Reward values include 30kg baggage allowance in Economy Class and 40kg baggage allowance in Business Class, but exclude taxes and surcharges.

Origin Destination Economy Class one way Business Class one way
Adelaide Melbourne 7,000 not available
Auckland Christchurch 7,000 not available
Auckland Wellington 7,000 not available
Avalon Sydney 7,000 not available
Ballina Sydney 7,000 not available
Brisbane Hamilton Island 7,000 not available
Brisbane Mackay 7,000 not available
Brisbane Newcastle 7,000 not available
Brisbane Proserpine 7,000 not available
Brisbane Sydney 7,000 not available
Christchurch Wellington 7,000 not available
Fukuoka Nagoya 7,000 not available
Fukuoka Osaka 7,000 not available
Fukuoka Tokyo, Narita 7,000 not available
Gold Coast Sydney 7,000 13,425
Gold Coast Mackay 7,000 not available
Hayman Island Hamilton Island 7,000 not available
Hobart Melbourne 7,000 not available
Jakarta Singapore 7,000 not available
Kagoshima Nagoya 7,000 not available
Kuala Lumpur Singapore 7,000 not available
Launceston Sydney 7,000 not available
Matsuyama Tokyo, Narita 7,000 not available
Medan Singapore 7,000 not available
Melbourne Newcastle 7,000 not available
Melbourne Sydney 7,000 13,425
Newcastle Gold Coast 7,000 not available
Osaka Tokyo, Narita 7,000 not available
Penang Singapore 7,000 not available
Sapporo Tokyo, Narita 7,000 not available
Sunshine Coast (Maroochydore)   Sydney 7,000 not available
Tokyo, Narita Oita 7,000 not available
Tokyo, Narita Takamatsu 7,000 not available
Wellington Queenstown  7,000 not available
Adelaide Brisbane 10,225 not available
Adelaide Gold Coast 10,225 not available
Adelaide Sydney 10,225 not available
Auckland Dunedin 10,225 not available
Auckland Queenstown 10,225 not available
Bali (Denpasar) Darwin 10,225 not available
Bali (Denpasar) Singapore 10,225 not available
Ballina Melbourne 10,225 not available
Bangkok Singapore 10,225 not available
Brisbane Cairns 10,225 not available
Brisbane Hobart 10,225 not available
Brisbane Launceston 10,225 not available
Brisbane Melbourne 10,225 not available
Brisbane Townsville 10,225 not available
Cairns Darwin 10,225 not available
Cairns Gold Coast 10,225 not available
Hamilton Island Sydney 10,225 not available
Ho Chi Minh City Singapore 10,225 not available
Hobart Sydney 10,225 not available
Kagoshima Tokyo, Narita 10,225 not available
Melbourne Gold Coast 10,225 not available
Melbourne Uluru (Ayers Rock) 10,225 not available
Osaka Okinawa 10,225
not available
Osaka Taipei 10,225 not available
Phnom Penh Singapore 10,225 not available
Phuket Singapore 10,225 not available
Sapporo Nagoya 10,225 not available
Sapporo Osaka 10,225 not available
Siem Reap/Angkor Wat Singapore 10,225 not available
Singapore Surabaya 10,225 not available
Sunshine Coast (Maroochydore)    Melbourne 10,225 not available
Sydney Townsville 10,225 not available
Tokyo, Narita Okinawa 10,225 not available
Yangon Singapore 10,225 not available
Adelaide Cairns 15,025 not available
Adelaide Darwin 15,025 not available
Adelaide Perth 15,025 not available
Auckland Cairns 15,025 not available
Auckland Gold Coast 15,025 not available
Auckland Melbourne 15,025 not available
Auckland Sydney 15,025 not available
Ayers Rock Sydney 15,025 not available
Bali (Denpasar) Perth 15,025 not available
Brisbane Darwin 15,025 not available
Brisbane Perth 15,025 not available
Cairns Bali (Denpasar)  15,025 not available
Cairns Melbourne 15,025 not available
Cairns Perth 15,025 not available
Cairns Sydney 15,025 29,425
Christchurch Gold Coast 15,025 not available
Christchurch Melbourne 15,025 not available
Christchurch Sydney 15,025 not available
Darwin Melbourne 15,025 not available
Darwin Singapore 15,025 not available
Darwin Sydney 15,025 not available
Haikou Singapore 15,025 not available
Hamilton Island Melbourne 15,025 not available
Hangzhou Singapore 15,025 not available
Hong Kong Singapore 15,025 not available
Lautoka/Nadi Sydney 15,025 not available
Lombok Perth 15,025 not available
Manila Singapore 15,025 not available
Manila Tokyo, Narita 15,025 not available
Melbourne Perth 15,025 not available
Melbourne Queenstown 15,025 not available
Melbourne Townsville 15,025 not available
Osaka Manila 15,025 not available
Perth Sydney 15,025 not available
Singapore Shantou 15,025 not available
Singapore Taipei 15,025 not available
Sydney Queenstown 15,025 not available
Bali (Denpasar)
Melbourne 20,625 40,625
Bali (Denpasar) Sydney 20,625 40,625
Brisbane Bali (Denpasar)   20,625 not available
Cairns Osaka 20,625 40,625
Osaka Singapore 20,625 not available
Bangkok Fukuoka 20,625 not available
Perth Singapore 20,625 not available
Bangkok Melbourne 24,625 48,625
Bangkok Sydney 24,625 48,625
Cairns Tokyo, Narita 24,625 48,625
Darwin Osaka 24,625 not available
Darwin Tokyo, Narita 24,625 not available
Melbourne Singapore 24,625 48,625
Brisbane Honolulu 24,625 48,625
Phuket Sydney 24,625 48,625
Tokyo, Narita Gold Coast 24,625 48,625
Auckland Singapore 29,425 58,225
Honolulu Melbourne 29,425 58,225
Honolulu Sydney 29,425 58,225
Osaka Sydney 29,425 58,225
Tokyo, Narita Sydney 29,425 58,225

Important Information

  1. Miles can be earned on all Jetstar and Jetstar operated international flights except on Jetstar Pacific (designator code: BL).
  2. You’ll also earn Miles on all domestic Australia or New Zealand flights that are part of an international booking.
  3. We’ll automatically credit your Miles within six weeks of the completion of your journey.
  4. Redemption tickets can be booked and issued on all Jetstar and Jetstar operated flights (designator code JQ, 3K, VF and GK)
  5. Reward tickets are not valid on codeshare flights operated by any other carrier other than Jetstar.
  6. Reward tickets are valid for 12 months from the date of issue.
  7. Reward values include 30kg baggage allowance in Economy Class and 40kg baggage allowance in Business Class, but exclude taxes and surcharges.
  8. Reward flights can be booked for both one-way and return travel. 
  9. Reward ticket coupons cannot be used out of sequence. 
  10. Children travelling on reward tickets will be required to redeem the same amount of Miles as an adult. Infants (0-2 years) travel free on all domestic, Trans-Tasman and international routes.
  11. Emirates Skywards Programme Rules apply.
  12. Refunds on fully unutilised tickets are permitted at a charge of USD75.
  13. A rush reward fee of USD75 applies for bookings made within 24 hours of outbound travel.
  14. A rush reward fee of USD50 applies for bookings made within seven days of outbound travel.