Online check-in

Retrieve a booking

Please make sure the last name you enter matches the one in your ticket, and use English alphabet characters only.

You'll find your booking reference on your ticket. It's the six-character code made up of letters and numbers that appears under your name.

Enjoy a smarter check-in experience

Check in online and save time at the airport. You can also choose your seat at no extra cost, and then print your boarding pass or receive a mobile boarding pass. Remember to enter your Emirates Skywards number to earn Miles on your flight.

You can check in online between 48 hours and 90 minutes before your flight departs.

90 - Get to the airport no later than 90 minutes before departure.
60 - Go through security no later than 60 minutes before departure.
45 - Boarding starts 45 minutes before your flight, and gates close 20 minutes before departure.