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Wishing you good fortune

Start the Lunar New Year celebrations with us. Welcome wealth and prosperity with dumplings. Celebrate reunions and togetherness with sweet rice balls. Experience a taste of the festivities in our lounges in Dubai and selected lounges across Asia from 24 to 26 January.

Sweet celebration

Red is the colour of energy, happiness and luck. We hope to bring you all three when you indulge in our special red velvet lychee cake for dessert in First Class and Business Class, or a red velvet lychee mousse in Economy Class. Enjoy our Lunar New Year desserts on flights from Dubai to selected destinations across Asia from 23 to 31 January.

You’re in luck

The tradition of giving red envelopes filled with lucky money is widespread across Asia and not just for Lunar New Year. Grandparents and parents now surprise their loved ones with these little packets for everything from birthdays to weddings. We’re continuing the tradition with a bespoke red envelope filled with chocolate gold coins for our customers in First Class and Business Class on flights from Dubai to selected destinations in Asia.

Book your Lunar New Year holiday

Find the best place to celebrate Lunar New Year. You can enjoy a unique experience in all our popular Asian destinations.

Get in the festive spirit

Enjoy up to 50 movies in Mandarin and 25 in Cantonese on your way to the festivities, or choose from over 250 movies dubbed in Chinese languages. This Lunar New Year you can watch favourites like My Lucky Stars, A Lifetime Treasure and Kung Fu Hustle. You can also listen up to 120 Chinese playlists and albums on our ice inflight entertainment.

Usher in prosperity together

The Lunar New Year is also known as the Spring Festival in China. It’s the country’s most important holiday and the cause of its busiest travel period. In fact, the Chinese have a term just for this rush to be home and spend the 15-day holiday with family: chunyun or spring migration.
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