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Flights to Zambia

Most of Zambia’s population centres on Lusaka, the capital city. While Christianity is the official religion, many of the diverse ethnic groups and tribes practice their own forms of worship, performing ceremonies that can be at once spectacular and thought-provoking.

You'll probably find that you spend most of your time in the bush. There's a wealth of opportunities to pursue outdoor activities, many revolving around the three rivers that define the country: the Kafue, the Luangwa, and the Zambezi. Zambia is a tropical environment but it can get cold in the mountains.

Waterfalls are a major attraction in Zambia too. They can be a trek to reach but stunning when you finally arrive. Victoria Falls is the best known but Kalambo Falls, Kundalila Falls, Lumangwe Falls and Ngonye Falls are also popular destinations. If your flight to Zambia arrived at night and you want a daytime aerial view, a helicopter ride over Victoria Falls might be the ticket. Or you could always swing over Bakoka Gorge, abseil down the gorge or go kayaking or rafting in the Zambezi.

And then there's the wildlife. Zambia has some of the best safaris in the world; everything from lion walks and experiences with cheetahs to relaxing horse riding through the forest. You can look out for some of the 779 bird species native to the country, sit in a 4x4 for a guided safari, or simply walk around and see what you spot.

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Visit Lusaka to experience a city poised for greatness.

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