Happy Lunar New Year from Emirates

Wishing you prosperity in the year ahead


Year of the dog

Ring in the Lunar New Year on board with delicious treats across all our cabin classes. And enjoy a special gift in Business Class and First Class on selected routes.


Begin the year with a treat

Taste traditional Asian eats across all our cabin classes.


Prosper in the Lunar New Year

Receive a red envelope as a gift of prosperity from us to you.

Welcome the year of the dog

In the Chinese zodiac, the dog is a symbol of good fortune and prosperity. Individuals born in the year of the dog are loyal, compassionate and fun-loving. They are determined, which often leads them to success. And despite their drive and strong will, they are honest, just and remain the truest friends.

Savour Lunar New Year treats on board

Customers in First Class can bite into a white peach mochi served with tea or coffee. In First Class and Business Class, tantalise your taste buds with our special occasion treats – lychee and raspberry mousse served with vanilla lychee compote in the shape of a Lunar New Year firecracker. And in Economy Class you can taste our scrumptious lucky mandarin cake with orange compote.

Receive a red packet of prosperity

The red packet tradition varies across Asia during the Lunar New Year. In some countries, friends and family exchange red envelopes filled with notes to wish each other good fortune and prosperity in the year ahead. Customers in Business Class and First Class will find their own special red envelope filled with chocolate gold coins on board.

Watch your favourite movie

Enjoy a selection of over 30 movies in Cantonese and Mandarin on the way to your destination. Choose from romantic comedies like This Is Not What I Expected! or Miss Sunshine. Or catch The Adventurers or The Missing for some thrills on board. And you can also check out over 90 movies available with subtitles.

Ring in the year in our lounges

Taste traditional Lunar New Year foods before you fly. In our Dubai lounges, try our vegetable and shrimp dumplings and si xi meatballs with bok choi. And finish with a coconut sago pudding or fortune cookie. And in our Singapore lounge you can tuck into a vegetarian stir-fry sprinkled with wolf berries and Chinese red dates for good luck. Enjoy a selection of special Asian eats in our selected worldwide lounges.

Where to celebrate

The Lunar New Year is celebrated across the world, from Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam and China to the UK, USA and Australia. Check out our Featured Fares and take part in the festivities.

Learn about the Lunar New Year

Known as Chinese New Year, Lunar New Year or Spring Festival, this special occasion is all about celebrating new beginnings and a prosperous year ahead. It’s often recognised for its vibrant red decorations, delicious feasts, enchanting dragon dances and incredible firework displays around the world.

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