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Flights to Switzerland

From the most luxurious hotels to the priciest designer boutiques, and some of the best chocolatiers in the world, Switzerland has your needs covered. Your adventure begins the moment you spot those snow-capped peaks from the window seat of your flight to Switzerland.

Each Swiss city has its own unique charm. In the capital, Bern, you can marvel over the incredible medieval architecture; Basel, with its many splendid museums, is just as well suited to history buffs keen to learn more about the area. And super-wealthy Zürich is less of an education and more of a playground, filled with trendy art galleries, designer stores and fashionable nightlife venues frequented by the rich and famous. Then there’s Geneva, one of Switzerland’s most sought-after cities, home to powerful international organisations.

But for lots of travellers, the biggest draw of Switzerland doesn't lie in the cities but in the great outdoors. Its mountainous landscapes are the perfect antidote to busy, urban life; a place where you can wander the lush green fields to the sound of alpine cowbells, or the roar of nearby waterfalls. Head upwards to the peaks and you can get a view of the famous Matterhorn, which stands at over 4km tall.

This exceptional natural landscape lends itself well to active pursuits. Skiing is hugely popular, as is ice skating and the more family-friendly tobogganing. Plus, nothing beats a mug of Swiss hot chocolate after a day on the slopes. During the warmer months, once the snow melts, the hills become a lush green playground for mountain biking and hiking.

And while you could easily spend all your time in Switzerland, its location means that the country is a great base for exploring the rest of Europe, with numerous rail and road links to Italy, Austria, Germany and France.

Our destinations in Switzerland
A diplomatic hub, Geneva is also a magnet for tourists who come to explore this seat of power and its picturesque setting.
Beyond the banks, Zürich is the focal point for much of Switzerland’s art, music and opera. Visit to explore culture and stunning, natural beauty.

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