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October 2019

Current Issue: October 2019

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Welcome to a world of travel, entertainment and culture, curated from a global collective of writers, photojournalists and artists. Each article of our award-winning magazine is sure to inspire, no matter which of our destinations you call home.


David Ginola, Our man in Paris

Former English Premier League star David Ginola started his career in his native France, and although he now calls London home, Paris still holds a special place in his heart. One of Ginola’s favourite restaurants is traditional French brasserie L’Ami Louis, which is popular with many celebrities. If the weather is nice, he likes to stroll and admire the view from Monmarte


Paul Oakenfold, Our man in Los Angeles

The British record producer and DJ found his creative zeal and lifetime home in Los Angeles. He says: “Los Angeles is my home now. A few things clicked for me about the city. One: it is definitely the capital of entertainment. Two: I needed to be here because I was getting all of these opportunities in film. And three: I enjoyed being around creative people”


Dwayne Wade, Our man in Orlando

Miami Heat’s Chicago-born guard has won three NBA Championships and is one of the best-known and loved players in the National Basketball Association. But off the court, he likes to keep life simple. He says: “I’ve been living in Miami for 11 years, so I’ve been to so many places – too many. But you know what, I still try the restaurants out"


Travels with Tintin

Why this Belgian cartoon character has inspired some of Dom Joly’s most epic travel adventures to date


Dark Tourist

For Dom Joly, the cricket vacation has unexpected benefits


A kip in India

When counting sheep just won’t cut it, head to Bangalore for some eccentric sleep therapy, advises Dom Joly


Dark tourism in Sarajevo

Cast off any preconceptions, says Dom Joly – Sarajevo should be on your Europe bucketlist


Eat Lebanon

How manakish withdrawals led Dom Joly back to Lebanon’s mountains


Bear killers

In his excitement at exploring the world, Dom Joly has been neglecting the (creepy) delights of a UK staycation


Marta Minujín, Our woman in Buenos Aires

Marta Minujín made her name with her avant-garde works of the 1960s, during which time she lived in New York and befriended John Lennon and Andy Warhol. She returned to her native Buenos Aires in the 1970s, and has since become one of Argentina’s most famous conceptual artists. She says: “I was always married to art. I decided to be an artist when I was 10 years old"


Irshad Mobarak, Our man in Langkawi

Known affectionately as the ‘Junglewalla’, the founder of Natural History Tours, TV personality and Malaysia’s best-known naturalist and conservationist believes that only nature can show us the way. Mobarak has been “thrilled” by Malaysia’s wildlife, including the orangutans of Malaysian Borneo since childhood. He agrees with Charles Darwin (middle) that the most successful species are those that adapt best to change


The hills are alive

When he last wrote, Dom Joly was about to set off on the trip of a lifetime. Has he fallen at the first hill-sized hurdle?


Canada, eh?

Marrying into the culture has introduced Dom Joly to the joys of the polite Canadian


kiev in Kiev

Dom Joly leads a fruitless search for a chicken dish, and gets to the bottom of a serious matter in Ukraine


Rock tourist

Dom Joly looks back at his very own Sliding Doors moment – his brief foray into rock ‘n’ roll


Running the gauntlet

No ticket, no problem: Dom Joly on British parking bureaucracy, plus the Moroccan road trip that put his speed fine-swerving to the ultimate test


Dom in the Congo

Hunting a Congolese myth puts Dom Joly in a dangerous spot…


The state I’m in

Dom Joly’s Great American Roadtrip isn’t without its pitfalls