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The Boudoir, Collector's Villa, Iniala Beach House, Phuket

1 June 2014

Words: Gareth Rees / Images: Iniala Beach House, Phuket

Iniala Beach House, the brainchild of wealthy philanthropist Mark Weingard, is located on Natai beach on the Andaman Sea, and it is undeniably impressive. Boasting three villas – each featuring three rooms, all by different designers – and a large penthouse, courtesy of British designer Graham Lamb, Iniala also comprises a pop art-inspired gym and a two-storey building with a children’s hotel upstairs and a bar-games room downstairs, while guests can also enjoy their own chef, spa therapist and driver. 

The resort’s signature restaurant, Aziamendi, offers a menu created by Spanish chef Eneko Axta, whose Azurmendi restaurant in Spain’s Basque region has three Michelin stars. The Boudoir suite, dreamt up by the celebrated New Zealand designer Mark Brazier-Jones, is not for everyone, but in keeping with the spirit of the resort, its eccentric steampunk aesthetic is unique. Opening onto the pool in front of the Collector’s Villa, the room offers little privacy with the curtains open but when they are drawn it is a sanctuary from the sun, fellow guests and the outside world. Dark, mirrored and containing a freestanding Victorian-style copper-plated bath, as well as furniture designed by Brazier-Jones, including a distinctive Harley Davidson drinks trolley, it is not easily forgotten. 


PILLLOWS: 4 (more available on request)
BED SIZE: King size
COMPLIMENTARY SNACKS: complimentary minibar
TOILETRY BRAND: Iniala’s own brand
EXTRAS: Personal chef
TV CHANNELS: Unlimited
VIEW: 3/5
RATE: US$25,000 for three nights in the three-suite Collector’s Villa (maximum capacity: six). Ten per cent of room revenues and five per cent of all other revenues from your stay will go to Weingard’s Inspirasia Foundation, funding health and education projects in South East Asia