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Welcome to a world of travel, entertainment and culture, curated from a global collective of writers, photojournalists and artists. Each article of our award-winning magazine is sure to inspire, no matter which of our destinations you call home.

January 2015

St Pancras Renaissance London Hotel

The Savoy, The Langham, Claridge’s, The Ritz, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera – the list of luxurious London properties with storied histories is undeniably impressive. St Pancras Renaissance London Hotel, opened in 2011, is a relative newcomer, but its own story began in the golden age of grand London hotels. The hotel occupies a building designed by the great Victorian architect Sir George Gilbert Scott


Taste of Boston - Johnnycakes at Neptune Oyster

Boston’s Neptune Oyster, opened in 2006 by Jeff and Kelli Nace, specialises in seafood dishes, including this American classic, originally created by the native Algonquin Indians. Called journey cakes by the settlers, because they could be carried on long voyages in saddlebags and cooked along the way, historians believe the colonist slurred the words, pronouncing it Johnnycake

Taste OfTaste Of

Minaret Station, Wanaka

Minaret Station sits in a glacial valley in New Zealand’s Southern Alps and is accessible only by helicopter. The 65,000-acre working deer and sheep farm and luxury tented lodge is the incarnation of the childhood adventures of the four Wallis brothers – sons of the legendary New Zealand airman and entrepreneur Sir Tim Wallis – who grew up farming, fishing and foraging this vast alpine estate


Newtown, Sydney

Newtown has always been a place for dreamers. In the last century, low rents and the area’s close proximity to Sydney University have lured artists, migrants and activists who’ve shaped the shoebox cafés, moody bars and offbeat bookshops that line its main thoroughfare, King Street. And despite signs of gentrification, the area is still known for counterculture, community and open-minded an clientele


Shanghai - Eat, Stay, Do

Shanghai has a lot of nicknames - Pearl of the Orient, the Paris Of The East – and they all point to the fact that it’s one of the most exciting and exotic cities in China, if not all of Asia. Shanghai is the tallest city in mainland China (the 632m Shanghai Tower is the second tallest in the world), as well as its most populated


Lunch with Magnus Carlsen - Oslo's Dinner Bar and Restaurant

Kaye Martindale talks to Magnus Carlsen over a plate of the world chess champion’s beloved “spicy food” at Oslo’s Dinner Bar & Restaurant. She writes: “Today he’s decided to embrace the stimulating effect of chillies and has chosen the Szechuan Chilli-pepper Kam Kon Pot. His agent Espen tells me we don’t have time for more than one course as Magnus is off to play an exhibition game"

Lunch WithLunch With

Johnny Cash Suite, Abode Manchester

Abode Manchester is just a five-minute stroll from both Manchester Piccadilly railway station and the city’s creative core, the Northern Quarter. Housed in a grade II listed building – a former Victorian cotton warehouse – the hotel is best-known as the location of one of the city’s finest restaurants, Michael Caines Restaurant. But on the fifth floor of the property – aptly named Fabulous On Fifth – are five loft-style suites


Bizon Studio, Moda, Istanbul

In the heart of Moda, Istanbul’s up and coming arts district, you’ll find Bizon Studio. Renowned for its ever-changing window displays, glazed porcelain, framed sketches, otherworldly sculptures and intricately crafted jewellery, Bizon has rapidly become one of the area’s must-visit ateliers since opening in 2011. Founded by close friends and former Fine Art students Murat Gökçe Yilmaz and Seçil Abdişler, Bizon is the realisation of their life’s work


The future of Old Dubai

The area beside Dubai Creek, known to many as old Dubai, will forever be rooted in the city’s past, but, boasting an abundance of creative cultural enterprises, it is now looking towards the future. This area beside Dubai Creek is where the city began. It’s where tribesmen first settled and transformed a small fishing village into a thriving community of pearl traders

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