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Welcome to a world of travel, entertainment and culture, curated from a global collective of writers, photojournalists and artists. Each article of our award-winning magazine is sure to inspire, no matter which of our destinations you call home.

November 2014

Room 240, Chester Grosvenor, Chester

The historic city of Chester, in the North West of England, can trace its roots back to Roman times, so it’s no surprise to find that Chester Grosvenor also has an illustrious past. Completed in 1863 for Richard Grosvenor, the 2nd Marquess Of Westminster, the hotel occupies a historic location on Eastgate, in the centre of Chester, within the city’s ancient walls

The StreetThe Street

Barcelona - Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner with Paco Pérez

Paco Pérez, chef at two Michelin-star Enoteca at Hotel Arts Barcelona, reveals his favourite places to eat in the city. He names Miguelitos, Koy Shunka and Tickets


Taste Kitchen, Dubai

Chefs Nick Alvis and Scott Price met while working at Gordon Ramsay’s Claridge’s restaurant in London, before leaving to run Ramsay’s Verre at Hilton Dubai Creek in Dubai, and then taking over the space in 2011 and transforming it the award-winning Table 9 by Nick and Scott. Now, they have launched their own café concept, Taste Kitchen

Local KnowledgeLocal Knowledge

Ibiza in the Middle East, Dubai

Last summer Pacha parted ways with many of its big-name DJs and the musical director who booked them. It marked the beginning of a new era for Ibiza’s most famous brand. The changes continue this month with a new club opening in the heart of Dubai. Pacha Ibiza Dubai is quite unique compared to the other Pachas around the world

Local KnowledgeLocal Knowledge

New Hop On Hop Off Bus Tour, Dubai

Showcasing Dubai’s world-renowned skyline and landmarks, sightseers benefit from modern double-decker buses, a dozen language options and 27 different location stops around the city.City Sightseeing has three routes – Red, Blue and Green – which aim to capture Dubai’s heritage and future. Tickets for City Sightseeing tours can be purchased at the airport from marhaba and Arabian Adventures, as well as City Sightseeing's kiosks, website (citysightseeing-dubai.com) and bus operators

Local KnowledgeLocal Knowledge

Irshad Mobarak, Our man in Langkawi

Known affectionately as the ‘Junglewalla’, the founder of Natural History Tours, TV personality and Malaysia’s best-known naturalist and conservationist believes that only nature can show us the way. Mobarak has been “thrilled” by Malaysia’s wildlife, including the orangutans of Malaysian Borneo since childhood. He agrees with Charles Darwin (middle) that the most successful species are those that adapt best to change


Last Look, Berlin

Hannah Graves, 29, is the manager at AKA Berlin, Pflugerstrasse, Neukolln. She has lived in Berlin for two years. She says: "It’s the greatest city in the world! I have a great quality of life here. I love everything about it. It’s so diverse and interesting – it’s impossible to be bored in Berlin. I work here in Pflugerstrasse. I manage a tattoo studio, which is also an art gallery"


Pet Sounds, Stockholm

Blur, Oasis and Coldplay have all performed at Stefan Jacobson’s Pet Sounds. The store owner says he is inspired by “the sound, the smell, the sheer beauty of a vinyl record on the shelf.” The shop stocks a really large selection of new and secondhand records. Customers range from young hipsters buying the latest import releases to grumpy old men buying original 1960s LPs


Newcastle - Hotels, Restaurants, Bars and Galleries

Newcastle has all the allure you’d expect from a regional capital and vibrant hub of entertainment and culture. This scenic riverside locale offers a wonderful blend of historic castles and cathedrals, grand architecture and upbeat urban nightlife to rival any city in Europe. Newcastle is also home to a thriving food scene, led by a new generation of talented chefs and enterprising boutique restaurants.


Back to Berlin

Veteran traveller Adrian Mourby takes a walk through the city he first discovered in 1989, just after the Wall came down and Berlin changed forever. He says: “Twenty-five years ago I came to Berlin for the first time. Earlier that month the infamous Wall had been breached. In 1989 Europe’s cruelly divided city was on the brink of transformation"


Stars in the Desert - Arabian Adventures, Dubai

Experience life under the stars in the desert with the Arabian Dreams overnight camp from Arabian Adventures. A night of stargazing followed by waking up to a breath-taking sunrise over the dunes is complemented by an experience of Bedouin life, which includes food and activities. The overnight desert experience Arabian Dreams offers the perfect escape from the bustling city life

Local KnowledgeLocal Knowledge

Inside CERN, Geneva

A dozen European countries founded the Conseil Européen pour la Recherche Nucléaire, to give CERN its full name, in 1952. The village of Meyrin, near Geneva International Airport, was chosen as the site for a super-lab to investigate the very smallest parts of our world – atoms. The sod was cut in 1954. In 1957 the first particle accelerator, the Synchrocyclotron, was built


Dar Es Salaam

Dar es Salaam is one of East Africa’s largest and fastest growing cities. Often overlooked by travellers who are keen to tackle Africa’s highest peak, Mount Kilimanjaro, Dar es Salaam is worthy of far more attention. The region’s history has led to numerous cultural influences including German, British and Indian, and the result is a diverse city