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Welcome to a world of travel, entertainment and culture, curated from a global collective of writers, photojournalists and artists. Each article of our award-winning magazine is sure to inspire, no matter which of our destinations you call home.

August 2014

Newbury Street, Boston

Just one-mile long, downtown Boston’s iconic Newbury Street is a quintessential New England blend of upscale shopping and single-family brownstones. But it wasn’t always so. Many of the neighbourhood’s historic landmarks date back more than a century, when the Back Bay district was still an actual bay of water between Boston and Cambridge. Several prominent 19th century architects developed the filled land district in the former colonial capital with a vision to create Parisian-style avenues

The StreetThe Street

aQuarius Records, San Francisco

Co-owner Andee Connors has worked at the store since 1994. Famous musicians such as Blondie, Bjork and Elvis Costello have visited. Connors says: “Everyone who works here is super-obsessive about music. So even if we didn’t work in a record store, we’d all be hunting down new, cool, weird sounds. Our customers are a great source too. We get tonnes of recommendations from folks all over the world”


New York - Hotels, Restaurants, Bars and Galleries

New York is a city that needs no introduction, but it’s also one that will defy your expectations. Do you picture blinking lights, speeding cabs and bustling crowds when you hear its name? Midtown may fit that billing, but it’s only one pocket of a much wider experience, from verdant Central Park to the historic brownstones of Brooklyn, and the rarefied museums of the Upper East Side


Jack Kerouac's Lowell, Massachusetts

Adrian Mourby visits Lowell, Massachusetts, the birthplace of one of America’s most famous 20th century writers, Jack Kerouac – and the town the author once described as “the most interesting place in the United States”. Dawn comes quietly to Lowell, illuminating the huge rooftop sign over the Lowell Sun building. Jack Kerouac, the author who gave voice to America’s mid-20th century Beat Generation, worked here 75 years ago


Chicago and Beyond

With incredible buildings such as the Willis Tower, Frank Gehry's Pritzker Pavilion and Frank Lloyd Wright's Robie House, Chicago is known for its spectacular architecture, but the city has a lot more to offer. Visitors can explore world-class galleries and museums, including The Field Museum and the Museum of Contemporary Art, before indulging in a slice of the city's celebrated deep dish pizza


Room 25-133, MGM Grand, Las Vegas

The MGM Grand is one of Las Vegas’ most iconic properties, and after an impressive US$160 million remodelling of its rooms, now is the time to visit. The Grand King Premier View isn’t ‘luxurious’, and it doesn’t pretend to be, instead choosing to simplify the stay and nail down the basics, such as an easy to navigate television system on a centre-piece flat-screen.

The StreetThe Street

Chicago - Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner with Chris Pandel

Chris Pandel, chef of Chicago restaurant The Bristol, reveals his favourite places to eat in the city. He names Uncle Mike’s Place, XOCO and Lao Sze Chaun


Raw Coffee Company, Dubai

New Zealanders Kim Thompson and Matt Toogood run a coffee roaster in the industrial area of Al Quoz in Dubai with a commitment to ethical business practices and the city’s emerging independent food and drink community. Hidden among the warehouses, in a quiet, dusty lane, local connoisseurs of a ‘cup of Joe’ have discovered the Raw Coffee Company

Local KnowledgeLocal Knowledge

Chicago, Architectural Capital of the United States

Writer Jay Merrick celebrates Chicago’s astounding architecture. It was here that the early spirit of American modern architecture took root in the most varied and original ways. Manhattan may have the Empire State and Chrysler buildings in a uniquely dense thicket of skyscrapers, but Chicago is where more than a century’s worth of can-do architectural innovation really jumps out at you


Last Look, New York

Marvin Gatling 69, is a Martial Arts Grand Master (Sensei) and Vietnam Combat Vet, who has lived in Harlem all his life. He says: “I have lived in New York for 69 years, besides my time in the military. I was born in Harlem Hospital and have lived in Harlem the entire time. New York is the Big Apple. It’s the best place on the planet"