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Last Look, New York

1 August 2014

Marvin Gatling 69, Martial Arts Grand Master (Sensei), Vietnam Combat Vet, Harlem

I have lived in New York for 69 years, besides my time in the military. I was born in Harlem Hospital and have lived in Harlem the entire time. New York is the Big Apple. It’s the best place on the planet. It’s so versatile. It’s the only place in the world where you can find people from every part of the planet. Other places, you can’t find people from all over the world. Today I am taking some pictures, waiting for some people to come by so I can give a martial arts demonstration. I’m here seven days a week. I’m in the community. I give back to the community. The thing I love about Harlem is the people – all people. There are so many places and things to see here. You have to be a Harlemite to realise what used to be here and what is here now, and the gentrification that is happening and has happened previously. I would describe my style as unique. I’m a combat vet. I don’t wear civilian clothes anymore. This is all I wear. Once a soldier, always a soldier.